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Newsletter 4/2004
Elite of instructors in Brussels

Never in the past I took part in instructor course conducted by so many Masters sharing their experience in so systematic and considered way. Although on seminar with founder of Taekwon-do, gen. Choi Hong Hi always were present many high rank holders, they were not always also lectors. If they took part in seminar, they just demonstrated fundamental movements or patterns.

In this regard course in Brussels was different, then others which I attended.

The composition of instructors was impressive:

Similar strong impression made list of participants that took part in the seminar. There were also many officials or people that observed the course. Beside me on the seminar there were present:

There is the complete list of participants:

 No. Name, Surname Country Degree
 No. Name, Surname Country Degree
In the seminar, which was held in term 22nd-24th October 2004 took part 129 participants from 12 countries.

Relation from the course on the official ITF-Belgium website.

See also photo galleries made by Swavek Dydiszko.

Tadeusz Łoboda
AETF President


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