Newsletter Newsletter 4/2005 Breaking The Routine
Newsletter 4/2005
Breaking The Routine

On 26th-27th November 2005 in Wroclaw, Poland have been held "Comradely lesson" conducted by Mr. Andrzej Undro, 4th Degree.

Andrzej Undro is an instructor and coach in the biggest polish Taekwon-do club "Wroclawska Akademia Taekwon-do in Wroclaw. He prepared author's program for teaching and motivating for the Taekwon-do training through the numerous and various games. he created also the pone and only game with cards "Taekwondix", which amuse and teach the Taekwon-do theory.

The subject of the training was "Games in the Taekwon-do training". In 4 training sessions took part 35 trainers and instructors from whole Poland, from I till VI Dan.

On the lessons there were presented fast 100 games during the 2 days sessions in 9 categories:

  1. orientation - order games
  2. on fours games
  3. running games
  4. wrestling games
  5. throwing games
  6. jumping and kicking games
  7. games with elastic and belts
  8. team games
  9. hindrance paths

The training had place in the sport hall of the Wroclawska Akademia Taekwon-do. On the walls you can find many various sport equipment and the sentences of Gen. Choi Hong Hi.

The lesson was fantastic entertainment and inspiration and the huge sport impress for all participants. They were impressed with the sport hall, methods and experience of Andrzej Undro.

Jerzy Jedut, VI degree
"I knew only about 30 % of the proposed games. I can't wait to use it on the training".
Janusz Gutkowski, VI degree
"The lesson was great. I estimate it very well. It's a pity that it was so short. The knowledge I gained will contribute to the development of my club. Those people, who didn't participated in this trainings, missed a lot of things. In my opinion other coaches have many great ideas and we can learn from each other and shere this knowledge. Now I'm traing to avoid the routine, what I realized during the training. I'm the greatest supporter of that kind of training."
Janusz Wlizło, I degree
"When we would enforce the idea of the training proposed by Andrzej, the number of practitioners in each club would be double in a short time."
Krzysztof Pawlik, IV degree
"The training was fro me great inspiration and I will use this knowledge on my training. congratulations for the results of the long work!"
Daniel Działa, II degree
"The games were a first class: very tiring and evolving. In our club, coach Jedut provided a lot of games. I used it also in my club. The warming up exercises become very motivating and pleasant. It was great fun for us."

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