Newsletter Newsletter 1/2006 Championship For Youth Aged 6-13
Newsletter 1/2006
Championship For Youth Aged 6-13

For the second time, a championship for youth between 6 and 13 years old was organised by ITF-Belgium. Venue was the sports centre of Steenokkerzeel near Brussels.

The children, mostly beginners, could compete in tul, teamtul, special techniques and sparring. The sparring was in a league-system, so in the same category, each child could compete all the other children.

The advantage is that even if the children lost a round, they could still have other fights.

Purpose of the championship was to learn the youngest members the rules of an ITF championship, without any pressure, in a nice, friendly atmosphere where friendship and fairplay were more important than winning. Moreover, thanks to the sponsors of the championship Patisserie Fred, Telenet and Proximus, every child got some presents: t-shirts, sports bags, watches, so in fact each child was a winner.


About 60 children participated, mostly white and yellow belts aged 6-7 years, from the schools Hwarang, Ge-Baek, Chon-ji, Choong-moo, ITF Brussels and Koryo.

A lot of referees and helpers made sure the championship finished in time, and this made all the parents happy.

The youth channel of the national television, KetNet, reported on the championship.



Tul white belts :
  • Van Gucht Yentl (Koryo)
  • Van Impe Florian (Chon-ji)
  • Van Marcke Cédric (Hwarang) & De Troye Deborah (Hwarang)
Tul yellow belts :
  • Bendella Naïm (Hwarang)
  • Verwaerde Elise (Hwarang)
  • Erdönmez Serhat (Ge-Baek) & Bauwens Leen (Hwarang)
Tul green belts :
  • Fontaine Quentin (Choong-moo)
  • Bauwens Bram (Hwarang)
  • Bott Jérôme (Hwarang)
Tul blue and red belts :
  • De Maesschalck Niels (Ge-Baek)
  • De Koninck Brecht (Hwarang)
  • De Kloe Arno (Hwarang) & Hoeterickx Gaëlla (Hwarang)
Teamtul :
  • Hwarang blauw
  • Hwarang geel 4
  • Ge-Baek & Hwarang geel 3
Special techniques boys up to 145cm :
  • De Maesschalck Niels (Ge-Baek)
  • De Koninck Brecht (Hwarang)
  • Ait Saoud Mohamed (Ge-Baek)
Special techniques boys over 145cm :
  • Costola Joshua (ITF Brussels)
  • Clemminck Arne (Chon-ji)
  • Hubrechts Stan (Hwarang) & Bott Jérôme (Hwarang)
Special techniques girls up to 130cm :
  • Verwaerde Elise (Hwarang)
  • Itterbeek Manu (Hwarang)
  • Sartor Nina (Hwarang)
Special techniques girls over 130cm :
  • Desmaret Charline (Hwarang)
  • Bauwens Yasmin (Ge-Baek)
  • Costola Rachel (ITF Brussels) & Hoeterickx Gaëlla (Hwarang)
Sparring boys -120cm and girls -130cm white-yellow belts:
  • Sartor Nina (Hwarang)
  • Verwaerde Elise (Hwarang)
  • Van Gucht Yentl (Koryo) & Van Gucht Yari (Koryo)
Sparring girls white-yellow belts over 130cm :
  • De Vos Hannelien (Hwarang)
  • Tobback Alison (Hwarang)
  • Bauwens Yasmin (Ge-Baek) & Tobback Kate (Hwarang)
Sparring girls blue belts :
  • Costola Rachel (ITF Brussels)
  • Hoeterickx Gaëlla (Hwarang)
  • Raeijmaekers Pauline (Hwarang)
Sparring boys white-yellow belts -135cm:
  • Erdönmez Serhat (Ge-Baek)
  • Bendella Naïm (Hwarang)
  • Sterck Giorgi (Ge-Baek) & Raeijmaekers Anthony (Hwarang)
Sparring boys extra category :
  • Bendella Naïm (Hwarang)
  • Sterck Giorgi (Ge-Baek)
  • Bauwens Damian (Ge-Baek)
Sparring boys white-yellow belts -150cm :
  • Erdönmez Semih (Ge-Baek)
  • El Zein Ali (Hwarang)
  • Ait Saoud Mohamed (Ge-Baek) & Gaytemirov Murat (Ge-Baek)
Sparring boys white-green belts -160cm :
  • Coquel Julien (Choong-moo)
  • Bott Jérôme (Hwarang)
  • Hubrechts Stan (Hwarang) & Vermeren Thomas (Choong-moo)
Sparring boys blue-red belts :
  • De Maesschalck Niels (Ge-Baek)
  • De Koninck Brecht (Hwarang)
  • Costola Joshua (ITF Brussels) & Verhulst Tom (Hwarang)

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