Newsletter Newsletter 3/2006 Second Team Buildings Weekend
Newsletter 3/2006
Second Team Buildings Weekend

The second teambuildingsweekend was not only open to all members of the national team, but also to other members of ITF-Belgium, especially those members from blue belt on who want to become part of the team one day.

Venue was the military complex of the "12/13ième de ligne" in Spa again, and once more Patrick Crevecoeur organised the whole weekend from the 8th to the 10th September 2006. He was assisted by a friend, Gilles.

All members had to arrive in the complex on Friday evening September 8th around 20h. The first task of the evening was very important: we had to set up the tents, since we would sleep outside this time. We also had to search for wood and to make a campfire. Once this was done, we could eat and sit together to talk at the fire. Two by two, we had to stay with the campfire at night, so it wouldn't extinguish.

On Saturday, we had to get up at 6.00h. Before breakfast we did some tai-chi, conducted by Master Vanberghen. It was outside, at the tents and the campfire, while the sun was rising. After breakfast we runned to the local swimmingpool, where we had to do some tough physical exercises in the water. After a shower we walked to the sportshall at the military domain for 2 hours of exercises: we were divided in 3 groups, and each team had to complete a track, 6 exercises had to be done as a team within 3 minutes; the team with the highest number got 6 points, the second team 4 and the last one 2. In the end, double points could be won: in 15 minutes we had to prepare with our team pre-arranged free sparring, which we had to perform before a jury.

We walked back to the tents and the campfire, where we had lunch.


Afterwards, we were divided in groups again, we received a topographic map and a compass, some drinks, and every 15 minutes a group started for a walk of 8 km (in Spa and the woods, so it was climbing and descending). There were 10 checkpoints which we had to find, and the walk took each team about two hours. We were very lucky, since it was nice weather.

We enjoyed a very nice barbecue and sat around the campfire until it was dark, around 10.00 h.

Once it was dark, we could start with the game "jeu de la lanterne": we were dropped somewhere in the fields of Spa, while in the camp a flashing light was turning. The light was visible kilometers around the camp. We all had to try to reach the camp, without one of the hunters could see us. If they did see or hear someone, they could flash with a lamp at that person, so he/she had to return for 200m.

Everyone succeeded in reaching the camp within time.

Warm wine, hot chocolate, waffles and cookies were waiting at us. Around one a clock, we could go to the tents and sleeping bags.

Sunday started with breakfast: eggs and bacon, pancakes... We had to break off the tents and clean up everything, and there was still some time to have a chat, lie in the sun or play some football.

After lunch we went to the thermes in Spa, with hot swimming pools inside and outside, sauna, jacuzzi and so on. The weekend ended around 16.00 h.

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