Newsletter Newsletter 4/2007 ITF IIC in Belgium
Newsletter 4/2007
ITF IIC in Belgium

October 19th-21st ITF-Belgium organised an International Instructors Course in Belgium for the second time.

The IIC was conducted by the Masters of the ITF Technical Committee : Master Hector Marano, chairman of the Technical Committee, 8th degree, Argentina, Master Pablo Trajtenberg, 8th degree from Argentina, senior vice-president of the ITF and Master Willem Jaob Bos, 8th degree from Italy, ITF secretary-general.

Once again the course was superb, very interesting and motivating for all participants. The Masters are teaching with a lot of passion and they really know how to motivate people. This together with their great knowledge made the IIC a fantastic experience for the 148 participants, who came from 13 countries (19 nationalities). 9 Masters participated at this IIC. There were also applicants from Algeria, Haiti and Palau Island, but these 11 persons didn't receive a visum for Belgium.


On Saturday evening a banquet was organised; 67 persons attended this evening and had the chance to chat with the Masters and the other participants in a warm atmosphere.

On Sunday, just after the last session, 12 persons tested for degree promotion; among these candidates also Virginia Dionisi, member of ITF-Belgium, who graded for 5th degree.


 No. Name, Surname Degree Country
 No. Name, Surname Degree Country

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Annick Van Driessche-Vanberghen
President ITF-Belgium

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