Newsletter Newsletter 4/2007 Barneveld Fighting Cup
Newsletter 4/2007
Barneveld Fighting Cup

At first

In the weekend of November 23rd -25th 2007 KISPORT Martial Academy, organised an active an exciting weekend for members and others. Hereby full report of this weekend. I’d like to thank everybody for a fantastic weekend and without your help and support this would not have happened. If here are questions or suggestions please let me know.


Seminar Sabum Jerzy Jedut

Friday November 23rd 2007 the Polish top trainer Jerzy Jedut, 6th Degree en technical responsible in Poland and member of the Technical Committee of the AETF gave some classes for the members of KISPORT Taekwon-Do in Utrecht. More then 60 students had great fun with the exercises of Sabum Jedut. I.T.F. Netherlands President Master James Tjin-A-Ton welcomed Sabum Jedut in the Netherlands.

Pictures of this training can be found at and a report of this training soon at

Seminar Master Willy van de Mortel and Sabum Jerzy Jedut

Saturday November 24th 2007 Master Willy van de Mortel, 7th Degree and Sabum Jerzy Jedut, 6th Degree both members of the AETF Technical Committee gave classes to 60 members of KISPORT. A great success it was! Master Coos van den Heuvel joined the seminar in preparation of the Barneveld Fighting Cup 2007.

Pictures of this training can be found and a report of this training can be found at

Barneveld Fighting Cup Sunday November 25th 2007

The competition starts! 29 clubs, 247 competitor’s dividend in youth, juniors and seniors did all the items of I.T.F. Taekwon-Do. This was a good test case to see if the organizers were able to put 7 items, Tuls, Sparring, Power, Specials and Pre –Arranged Sparring in a competition which would take place from 12.00 up to max 18.00 hour. But what happened. Four squares ended at 17.15 and de last one at 17.25 hour. A great achievement of the organizers, referees, volunteers, competitors and coaches.

Good matches in Tuls with great competition between the competitors form Slovenia, Poland and Belgium. There was even a mixed male and female 3rd degree and higher group. Sparring was being performed in a friendly atmosphere. Two newspapers send journalist to make a report and councilman Hengel also came and had a look. Councilman Hengel was very important for the realization of this tournament.

Because competition (because of local religious rules) competition could only start at 12.00 o’clock. Before this there was a presentation of Black Belt International, a new concept of Martial Arts instructors uniting each other. About 30 instructor took away there information map.

After the umpire and coach meeting presented by Master Coos van den Heuvel there a very nice buffet. At 11.45 hour we honoured all the present Masters, World, European, European Cup and World Cup winners. At precisely 12.00 o’clock competition started with Power (only 3 competitors allowed in a division) and Special Techniques (also only 3 competitors’). Good jumps and powerful breaks were performed.

At 13.30 o’clock (according to schedule) sparring competition started. With enough referees the matches went fast. At 15.00 hour 3 teams, 2 from the Netherlands and 1 from Belgium performed impressive Pre-Arranged Free Sparring. This was not a competition and all six participants got a trophy.

At the end of the competition all referees and volunteers got presents from our sponsors and we thanked our sponsors for there contribution and visit. Also a thanks to all volunteers, Henny van Zon and Master James Tjin-A-Ton for helping out at the last minutes of offering his mattes to the competition. Very soon the pictures of the competition will be posted.

Download the results:

Cleaning up the hall!

With many volunteers within 1 hour and 10 minutes we cleaned the hall and were at home at 19.00 hour. Taekwon!!

Action Foundation

This tournament was on behave of were KISPORT Martial Academy the Action Foundation founded for. With the income we made on this tournament we can support many, thank you!

On behave of KISPORT Martial Academy, Taekwon!
Harry van Schaik
Organiser BFC 2007
The Netherlands

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