Newsletter Newsletter 4/2007 Waasland Cup 2007
Newsletter 4/2007
Waasland Cup 2007

On December 1st the Waasland Cup 2007 was organised in Sportscenter "De Witte Molen" in Sint-Niklaas; it was an organisation of the school Koryo in collaboration with ITF-Flanders and ITF-Belgium.

Purpose of this fundraising championship was to collect funds for Eric Van Puyvelde, 23 years old, who got paralysed because of a severe accident at his work. Revalidation, wheelchairs, a hand bike, adjustments at home... all these expenses are very high.

Eric is the brother of Peter Van Puyvelde, I°degree, member of Koryo, ITF-Belgium and the national team.

About 160 competitors participated, most of them members of ITF-Belgium, but also from The Netherlands (Taekyon Berghem and NTA). Together with the referees, coaches and supporters they made sure this championship was of a good level and everything ran in a friendly atmosphere. A lot of persons supported the event and worked hard to help Eric.

The exact amount for Eric is not known yet, but as soon as possible a cheque will be given to him officially and a report and pictures will come on the website

ITF-Belgium has plans to organize a fundraising tournament each year.

Just before the lunchbreak, at 12h30, all schools affiliated to ITF-Belgium received raincoats for the youth members under 18. These raincoats were a gift of the National Lottery : in April they approved the Youth Clothing Project for ITF-Belgium. With the Youth Clothing Project, in which only about 15 sports federations in Belgium are taking part, the National Lottery wants to motivate the youth members of the federations by giving them material. For ITF-Belgium, they gave 3200€ as total amount.

During a small press conference the coats were distributed to the schools.

See the results of the Waasland Cup 2007 (MS Word document, 61 kB).

Annick Van Driessche
President ITF-Belgium

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