Newsletter Newsletter 3/2008 11° National Summer Camp In Greece
Newsletter 3/2008
11° National Summer Camp In Greece

From 04 August – 10 August in the beautiful Greek town of Alexandroupolis was held the 11° National Summer Camp. This Camp was organizing by Master Vasilis Alexandris 8 Dan and TKD club “Apollon” Alexandroupolis. Master Alexandris is a General Secretary and Head of Technical Committee of Hellenic Taekwon-do ITF Union. Hi is a one of the pioneer of Taekwon-Do in Greece since 1972. His device is “Every time and every hour in action”. His assistant was Ioannis G. Zachos 6 Dan who has 2 TKD club in Alexandroupolis. The officials guests were Mater Doanto Nardizzi 8 Dan and Rosen Nikolov – 5 Dan - General Secretary of Bulgarian Federation of Traditional Taekwon-Do. All trainings were held at 5 stars Hotel. Alexander Beach Hotel.

Unexpectedly Master Nardizzi, Int. Instr. Ioannis Zachos and Int. Insrt. Rosen Nikolov, got the plaque from Master Vasilis Alexandris. Master Vasilis Alexandris rewards Master Donato Nardizzi 8 Dan from England and thanks him for the participation in the 11 National Summer Camp from the pleasure. Mater Vasilis Alexandris rewards Int. Instr. Rosen Nikolov 5 Dan from Bulgaria and thanks him for the participation in the 11 National Summer Camp from the pleasure.

More that 70 participants and instructors from 14 TKD club in Greece take a part in the Summer Camp.

  1. TKD club Saint Nikolas Crete Island.
  2. TKD club “Elevsina” Elevsina.
  3. TKD club “Promahon” Athens.
  4. TKD club “Macedon” Thessaloniki.
  5. TKD club “Paradosiakou “ North Greece
  6. TKD club “Alexandros” Thessaloniki
  7. TKD club “Apollon” Drama.
  8. TKD club “EOLOS” Apalo - Alexandroupolis.
  9. TKD club “Apollon” Alexandroupolis.
  10. TKD club “M. Alexandros” Alexandroupolis.
  11. TKD club “Loutron” Evros.
  12. TKD club “Vizantio” Sapon.
  13. TKD club “Apollon “Komotini.
  14. TKD club “Apollon” Ksanthi.

The program of training was two times per day.2.3-hour session.In the first day Master Alexandris show basic techniques (foot and hand techniques). On the second day morning it was sparring techniques and in the afternoon Master Donato Nardizzi show Tul (patterns). In patterns the focus was on naturalness of the movements and wave. Master Alexandris also paid a lot of attention in teaching the Ho Sin Sul with knife and Street fighting. The program was:

In the last day of TKD Camp had examination about 3-th Degree. Congratulations!!! It was a successful examination for Konstantinos Zachos about 3 Degree.

Kalina Tsanova - Zachou – 4 Degree
Gen Secretary of TKD club “Apollon

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