Newsletter Newsletter 1/2009 3rd Open Brabant Championships
Newsletter 1/2009
3rd Open Brabant Championships

When the tournament started there were 440 competitors from 9 different countries! Organizers Mr. Henny van Zon and Master Willy van de Mortel were proud of this.

The 3rd Open Brabant fell’s under the Promat’s umbrella, witch will organise about 8 tournaments this year in the Netherlands.

Competitors from Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Slovenia, Poland and the Netherlands were present. There were participants, who take part at competitions on National, European and World level. Among guest there were Master Wim Bos (secretary ITF) his son was competing! Master Roy Kawarmala (WTF) came to see old friends! Master Coos van de Heuvel (vice president van de AETF)., and Master Frank Vanberghen from Belgium (chairman of the Revisory Commision AETF). Also the masters James Tjin A Ton and Wijnand Tapilatu and Steve Zondag were present.

Left: From Sweden Annie Soderstrom & Linn Vaghfeldt. Right: Master Wim Bos & Master Willy van de Mortel
Left: Dolny Śląsk, Poland. Right: Master Roy Kawarmala, Master Wim Bos, Master Coos van de Heuvel, Master Frank Vanberghen

There were very good matches in Tuls with great competition between participants from Belgium, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands and a silver medal for Scotland.

In sparring Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Poland and the Netherlands fought for the titles.

In the female division -58 kg were very nice fights of Bistra Dencheva from Belgium, Sabina Mason from Ireland and the winner of this division Zenna van der Mel from the Netherlands. In the male -54 kg final was between Ezio Ottaviani, Italy and Uros Cvcek from Slovenia. In -63 kg was the final between Christian Ceci, Italy and Jalal Zriouil, Netherlands. Current World Champion -71 kg , Jamil Chami won also this title against Tiziano Longo from Italy. In the category male -80 kg there was Hendry Bloks the men to beat, but it was too difficult for his opponents to close the distance Hendry createted with his long legs! Over +80 kg was the newcomer Marcel Hildering the winner over Belgium Peter van Gucht.

Overall winner (club / organisation) was Taekwon-Do Club Dolny Śląsk, Poland.

Left: Adrian Bryne, Ireland against Ron van der Lee, Netherlands. Right: Emiel Kloor -71 kg
Left: Luke Woods, Ireland against Jalal Zriouil, Netherlands. Right: Overall winner Dolny Śląsk, Poland

Some interesting facts about this competition
Total Matches:690
Matches in pattern:287
Matches in sparring:403
Overall winner:Taekwon-Do Club Dolny Śląsk, Poland

Thanks to everybody. Especially to our visitors from abroad and our sponsors and we hope to see you all at the “4th Open Brabant Championships 2010”.

Documents to download: Uitslagen 2009 (MS XLS, 235 kB), Results Overall (MS XLS, 24 kB).

Mr. Henny van Zon & Master Willy van de Mortel
Organizers 3rd Open Brabant Championships

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