Newsletter Newsletter 2/2009 Euros 2009 Report
Newsletter 2/2009
Euros 2009 Report
updated 16 May

ITF Spain was the organizer of 15th Junior and 24th Senior European Championships held on 24th – 26th April 2009 in Benidorm (Spain), a beautiful city situated nearby the sea with the most incredible views of bay.

447 competitors from 26 countries took part in the Euros 2009.

Left: Poland Overal Best Country Junior and Senior. Right: Overall Junior Male: Koysuren Cankan, Adolfs Colin and Belnome Giovanni from Germany.

The main organizer was Mr. Paco Ferrando, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Spanish Taekwon-do ITF Federation Secretary General, President of Tae Benidorm Club, with the support of his father Master Juan Ferrando, President of ITF Spain.

From the left: Master Juan Ferrando, Paco Ferrando, Master Willem Jacob Bos

The majority of the participants were accommodated in the most original hotel, the Gran Hotel Bali, distributed into two buildings, one of which standing at 186 meters is the highest hotel in Europe.

From the start everything was arranged perfectly. The coaches were waiting for arriving people to take participants to their lodgings, where the registration procedure and payments went smoothly and did not raise any reservations. The organizer prepared two types of posters about Euros and many other materials about Benidorm.

Polish Taekwon-do Association provided the computer service. For the first time there was introduced an on-line registration. Team managers or coaches were able to make changes and corrections almost till the day before the competition started. All the results were also published on the AETF website as soon as the fight was finished. Mr. Wilke from ITF Germany rent scoring system. There was one change: instead of projectors there were used the big LCD television sets.

The participants fetched their buttons when they crossed the entrance of the Palace of Sports "Palau L'illa", where the tournament was held. They could not believe their eyes: seven rings, special platform for the Head Umpire, a podium for the central ring, amazing decorations; even the flowerpots were covered with the special fabric. It was certain that the organizer elaborated every detail to give this tournament unforgettable atmosphere.

The attendance of ITF Board of Directors members: GM Tran Trien Quan,President of International Taekwon-do Federation, GM Pablo Trajtenvberg, Senior Vice President, mentioned Master Juan Ferrando,Vice-President, Master Paul Weiler, Vice President, Master Willem Jacob Bos, Secretary General, GM Javier Dacak, Master Tadeusz Łoboda, ITF Board Member and AETF President and many Masters and officials added splendour to the Championships. There were also present the local and national authorities. The tournament was supported by the Regional Ministry of Culture and Sports. At the opening ceremony was present Mr. Manuel Perez Fenoll, the Sport Council of Benidorm, and Mrs. Pepa Perez, the Sport Council, the national president of the Kick Boxing where the department of Taekwon-do ITF is.

Left: Master Tadeusz Łoboda awarding diplomas. Right: Best female Ekaterina Kozlachkova from Russia

At the Opening Ceremony the President of All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation, Master Tadeusz Łoboda awarded to six people the diplomas on the occasion of 30th anniversary of founding All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation. The granted are: Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha - former AETF president and then up to 2003 Honory President, Mr Luis Baguena - AETF and ETU President, Master Tom Mc Callum - AETF General Secretary, Master Willem Jacob Bos - former AETF President, Master Juan Ferrando - former AETF General Secretary and Master Paul Weiler – former AETF Treasurer, AETF Vicepresident. According to the AETF Board of Directors their hard work had a great contribution into development of our organization.


The tournament went swimmingly, everything went according to the plan.

On 25th April in the restaurant in the Villaitana Hotel the banquet for the officials of every Taekwon-Do Federation took place, where among beautiful scenery and trying extremely delicious meals they were having great time.

Only the tatamies made some inconveniences, all were new what made them slippery. Nonetheless competitors presented very high level of sports skills. Below you can see the list of overall champions Euros 2009:

Overall Female Junior Winner was not selected because three competitors with equal number of medals: 1 gold and 1 bronze: Aziewicz Agnieszka from Poland, Musca Andrea from Belgium, Baltzi Sofia from Greece.

Overall Male Junior Winner was also not selected because three competitors with equal number of medals (1 gold and one silver). Koysuren Cankan, Adolfs Colin and Belnome Giovanni Because of the fact thet all of them are from Germany, the award went to their country.

Overall Female Junior Team Winner was Germany with 2 gold and 2 silver.

Overall Team Junior Male Winner was Poland: 2 gold and 1 bronze.

Overall Country Junior Winner was Germany: 10 gold, 9 silver, 4 bronze.

Overall Female Senior Winner was Kozlachkova Ekaterina from Russia: 2 gold, 1 silver.

Overall Male Senior Winner was Gritsen Anton from Germany: 1 gold, 1 silver.

Overall Team Female Senior Winner was Poland: 2 gold, 1 bronze.

Overall Team Male Senior Winner was Romania: 1 gold, 2 bronze.

Overall Country Senior Winner was Poland: 10 gold, 3 silver, 7 bronze

Overall Country Junior and Senior Winner was Poland: 18 gold, 5 silver, 14 bronze

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