Newsletter Newsletter 2/2009 44th IIC in Germany
Newsletter 2/2009
44th IIC in Germany

On the invitation of Mr. Adalbert Wagner (VIth Degree), head of Oh-Do-Kwan Club and ITF Germany, in the northern part of Bavaria (Germany) in Miesbach on 22nd – 24th May 2009 was held the 44th International Instructor Course. This course achieved both promotional and organizational success because it gathered 195 participants from 25 countries.

Below you can see list of all the participants.

 No. Name, Surname Country Degree
 No. Name, Surname Country Degree

The main organizer, Mr. Adalbert Wagner raised to the occasion. He showed extremely high level of his organizational skills in arranging the whole event for such a huge group of people. In the opinion of participants each element, like transport, accommodation, board, quality of sports complex was perfect.

The IIC was also an opportunity to learn Bavarian culture during the special event called “Bavarian Evening”, where traditional food and beverages as well as music and dance.

From the left: Grand Master Trajtenberg, Grand Master Marano and Master Bos are tasting Bavarian sausages

At the IIC course was also a chance to take part in Black Belts Degree Grading. Promotion for higher degree got 26 people:

 No. Name, Surname Country New degree
 No. Name, Surname Country New degree

The All Europe Taekwon-do Federation offers warmest congratulations to all who passed the exam. Best wishes for your future success.

We would also like to express deep gratitude and congratulate to the organizer Mr. Adalbert Wagner for the excellent preparation the course.

We invite all of you for upcoming Interbational Instructor Courses to be held in Russia on 4th to 6th September 2009 and in Spain on 27th – 29th September 2009.

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