Newsletter Newsletter 4/2009 Seminar with Master Vones in Luxembourg
Newsletter 4/2009
Seminar with Master Vones in Luxembourg

Saturday December 12th 2009 ITF-Luxembourg organised in Troisvierges a technical seminar with Master Harry Vones, VII°degree, one of the national coaches of ITF-Germany.

Besides the members of ITF-Luxembourg and Taekwon-do also members of ITF-Belgium (blue, red and mainly black belts from 4 different schools, with also World Champion Virginia Dionisi) were present to support one of the first activities organised by our young federation.

Master Vones was assisted by Master Stefan Schmitz (Germany, VII°degree) and Master Frank Vanberghen (Belgium, VII°degree).

After a short warming-up Master Vones conducted classes on fundamental exercises, the explanation of sine wave and the different movements, saju chirugi & saju makgi and tuls Chon-ji up to Choong-gun. He took the time to explain everything very well and he answered all questions. After lunch break it was time for stepsparring. The seminar finished at 16h30, but afterwards Master Vones still practised tuls up to Choong-jang with the black belts until 18h30.

Hardy Viktor
President ITF-Luxembourg

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