Newsletter Newsletter 2/2010 Holland Cup 2010
Newsletter 2/2010
Holland Cup 2010

Sunday May the 30th the first “Holland Cup” was organized by Sportschool Tim Kool in Pijnacker, the Netherlands. This day competition was organized in the categories pattern, sparring and special techniques. This tournament resides under the umbrella of Promat, which organises around 8 tournaments this year in the Netherlands.

The Holland Cup tournament was open for participation to all ITF Taekwon-Do organizations. In total, there were over 350 competitors from 3 different countries (Belgium, Great-Britain and the Netherlands), 50 volunteers, 50 referees and over 450 spectators through the day, making this one of the largest Taekwon-Do events in the Netherlands and surrounding countries.

After the opening by Tim Kool himself (III degree, member of the Dutch national team), the competition started in all categories (youth, juniors, seniors, veterans, coloured and black belts) on 8 different areas.

Master Dennis from ITF Great-Britain quoted this tournament to be “the best he had been to in the last few years”, both in level of competition and organization.

We will organize the same tournament in May next year, and hope to welcome even more foreign competitors and AETF member countries.

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Mr. Tim Kool
Organizer 1st Holland Cup

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