Newsletter Newsletter 2/2011 Big Success of the Holland Cup
Newsletter 2/2011
Big Success of the Holland Cup

After several months of preparation the day of the Holland Cup had finally arrived. This year it was the second edition of the tournament, and the number of competitors and countries that were present had increased significantly. This year, there were 635 competitors from eleven different countries. The tournament hosted sparring (individual and team), patterns and special techniques, and was held on 8 areas.

Luckily enough, most competitors and we were prepared for a long tournament day. As the organizing committee we attempted to make the day run as smooth as possible, with high level competition, so that competitors and spectators would not get bored.

After a short opening and introduction, the tournament started right on time. This was an absolute must, since we had to deal with 635 competitors spread out over four different categories in a single day. The competitors understood this as well, and were almost always nicely on time when they had to compete.

This year, we were the first tournament in the Netherlands with a raised area. We received many compliments on this, and would like to see this on other tournaments as well. This shows that the Holland Cup has the potential to grow even further to a internationally highly recognized tournament, and shows that the organizing committee is willing to go to many lengths to do so.

Hereby we would like to extend our thanks to our volunteers and umpires once again. Without them it would not have been possible to organize this tournament, and therefore we are very grateful. We did our best to accommodate them as good as possible by providing drinks, food and snacks throughout the day. In the end, all volunteers and umpires received some nice flowers, again as a token of our gratitude.

This year, the teamsparring event was a huge success. Teamsparring events are not so often organized in the Netherlands, but we had 14 (international) senior male teams. After many spectacular matches, the team from Master Willy vd Mortel ended in first place. Next to the teamsparring, there was also a prize for the best gym. This price was given to sabum Chiel Rombout, whose competitors performed best in general throughout the day.

All results from the 2nd Holland Cup can be find here (MS xls, 349 kB).

We have already received many compliments to our tournament. Next year, the third edition of the Holland Cup, we will try to organize an even better event. One of the most important things for next year: we will try to raise the national and international standard for the organization of an ITF taekwon-do tournament.

Finally, we would like to hear about the comments or criticism from coaches, competitors, umpires, volunteers and spectators on what we can do to make this tournament even better next year. You can send emails to

Pictures of the tournament will be available on

Finally we would like to extend our thanks again, to our national and international competitors. We hope to see you all again next year on the third edition of the Holland Cup!

Kind regards,
Tim Kool
Organiser Holland Cup

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