Newsletter Newsletter 4/2011 Black Belt Project
Newsletter 4/2011
Black Belt Project

AETF reporter
Katarzyna Rozwadowska

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At the All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation Congress held in Bratislava during the last European TKD Championships Mr. Lukas Grygiel officially presented the Black Belt Project.

This innovative and unique program has been received with great interest of the AETF Board of Directors and the representatives of 33 countries from Europe.

I would like to present an interview with Mr. Lukas Grygiel, the author of this remarkable Project.

Mr. Lukas Grygiel presenting the Black Belt project during the AETF Congress

Lukas Grygiel about himself

I have been practicing Taekwon-Do for 11 years. I am currently an instructor at the Czestochowska Akademia Taekwon-Do which is my home club. During this period I had a chance to practice TKD also in Lodz for some time. I hold a black belt 1st Degree and I am planning to take an exam for the II Dan in December this year. I always try to participate in seminars, courses and major Taekwon-Do events.

I have my own company – ProImage ( that is operating in IT field since three years. Of course my interest in IT technology goes way back to my studies at the University of Lodz.

Screenshot of the program
Mr. Jaroslaw Suska during recording session at the television studio

Master Tadeusz Loboda about the Black Belt Project

‘Black Belt’ is the multimedia program for learning Taekwon-Do. It combines learning techniques and theory of Taekwon-Do. Masterly performance of Mr. Jaroslaw Suska, five times World Champion and eighteen-time European Champion in patterns, makes it an indispensable element while preparing for subsequent exams and tournaments. The software is developed in cooperation with the Polish Taekwon-Do Association.
I strongly recommend buying this software.

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