Newsletter Newsletter 1/2012 Open Dutch Championships Very Strong
Newsletter 1/2012
Open Dutch Championships Very Strong

When the tournament starts there were 548 competitors from 12 different country’s! Organizers Mr. Henny van Zon and Master Willy van de Mortel were proud on this.

This Open Dutch got a new location in Best, close to Eindhoven with a beautiful sports hall “Naestebest”. The head referees Mr. Patrick den Hoed and Master Sandy Dunbar where leading the 77 referee’s over the 6 area’s. Competitors from Belgium, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Suisse and the Netherlands were present. There were competitors from National, European and World level present at this competition.

Winner in -71 kg Hong Looi from Ireland

Good matches in Tuls with great competition between competitors from Italy, Belgium, Norway, Scotland, Ukraine and the Netherlands. In sparring Ukraine Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Poland and the Netherlands fought for the titles. In the junior divisions where winners as Ryan Shelley, Dylan Fitzgibbon (World Champion), Chloe Aboud from Ireland, but also Chaiyong Boonyarit from the Netherlands and Slovenian competitors where strong in junior and kids divisions. And Italian competitors surprised with very good results.

In the female division -58 kg goes the first place to Bistra Dencheva, Belgium who won from Zenna van der Mel, Netherlands. In the female -63 kg goes the final between Hanna Sareill from Finland against Samira El Idrissi from the Netherlands who won the title. In -63 kg male was the final between Bryan van de Westelaken (3rd WC Argentina and New Zealand and ex-European Champion), Netherlands and the Italian Nicolas Giovannoni.

Andrea Musca & Zenna van der Mel

The 1e place goes to Bryan van de Westelaken from the organising club. The division -71 kg was a very strong one with a very high standard, winner in the final was Hong Looi from Ireland. He beat Brian v/d Brand from the organising club, a 3rd place was for Simone Olivia who beat Ola Ahlvarson from Sweden.

Bryan van de Westelaken

Tim Kool -80 kg from the Netherlands stays in the final against another Dutch fighter Hendry Bloks and toke the 1st place. The +80 kg final goes between Davide Messineo from Italy and World Champion Mitja Potocnik from Slovenia. The same as last year Mitja Potocnik won again the first place. The winners in the A class sparring and Tul got all a T-shirt from the competition.

Some competitors got gold in sparring and Tul, junior Chloe Aboud (European Champion) and Hong Looi both from Ireland! Also the new country’s who came to this Open Dutch as Sweden, Finland, and Ukraine won all some prices at this competition.

Team Ukraine

For all photos and videos visit the webpage: OpenDutch2012.

Tournament winner (club / organisation) where Hwa Rang from Belgium and Tapilatu from the Netherlands.

Open Dutch in figures

Some interesting facts about this competition:
Competitors: 548
Countries: 12
Club / Organisations: 54
Overall winner: Hwa Rang, Belgium and Tapilatu, Netherlands

Some reactions:

The Hawk Team is held back by the Open Dutch in Holland, a beautiful tournament organized by Taekwon-Do Master Willy Van de Mortel to whom go my sincere thanks, but above all I wanted to write their own reports in addition to being happy because of the performance of our athletes who have won three gold, three silvers and three bronzes are happy that I consider myself very lucky to enjoy this fantastic martial art and to share everything with other people I consider real friends who shared a love one great passion. Thanks to Taekwon-Do, with F. I. TAE, THANKS.
Maestro Gianluca Amato
Italy TOP TEN Team Hawk, Italy

I would like to thank You very much for the great event Dutch Open 2012. The facilities and arrangements were superb and the atmosphere was awesome. We will most definitely try to get more participants from Finland next year.
Thank You and Best Wishes from snowy Finland
Hanna Sareila, Tampere

Dutch Open. Congratulations to all Italian athletes who participated in the competition on Sunday 23 in the Netherlands. They were all excellent, the technical and competitive level of the competition was very high. All are distinguished for skill and preparation. Thanks also to all the coaches and referees who have contributed to the excellent FITA success of the event and Master Willy van de Mortel for the organization and its friendliness and hospitality.
Fabio Rinaldi, Italy
Participating club’s:
 No. Club Country 
 No. Club Country 

Thanks to everybody special to our visitors from abroad and we hope to see you all at the “Open Dutch Championships 2013”.

Pascal Raaijmakers & Master Wijnand Tapilatu

Mr. Henny van Zon & Master Willy van de Mortel
Organizers Open Dutch Championships

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