Newsletter Newsletter 2/2012 Report from European Championship 2012
Newsletter 2/2012
Report from European Championship 2012

Sports hall, ‘Lukna’ - competition area
AETF reporter
Katarzyna Rozwadowska

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486 competitors, 95 coaches, 52 referees, and a great many supporters from 29 countries participated in the 27th Senior and 18th Junior European ITF Taekwon-Do Championship which took place in Maribor, Slovenia from 19th to 22nd of April, 2012.

The most important European tournament, promoted by European Taekwon-Do Federation, was organized by Slovenian Taekwon-Do Association with Mr Tomaz Barada (President) and Mr Hasan Ibric (Secretary General) in the Organising Committee.

Organising Committee with AETF President; Mr Hasan Ibric, Master Tadeusz Loboda, Mr Tomaz Barada

On Thursday, 19th April, all the teams came to the Piramida Hotel for the Team Registration and Weight In procedure. Both procedures went very smoothly. All competitors had a possibility for the last light training before competition in Sport Centre Barada. A very well designed and equipped training hall made a great impression on its visitors. The afternoon was dedicated to the following meetings: AETF Umpires meeting, heads of teams meeting, drawing lots and coach meeting.

At the evening the AETF Voting Congress was held at the same hotel. The Congress elected the AETF Board of Directors, AETF Board of Members, and AETF Revisory Commissision for the term 2012-2016. All details regarding the Congress were published on AETF official website recently (

The 27th Senior and 18th Junior European ITF Taekwon-Do Championships started as planned early morning 20th April in a modern sports hall, ‘Lukna’. The venue was decorated with hanging flags of European countries, European Championships 2012 banner with ITF and Slovenian Taekwon-Do Association logos, and uncountable number of sponsors’ banners. Unfortunately, there was neither a banner with AETF logo nor General Choi portrait. Sporting rivalry began on 6 rings prepared for the tournament. Warm up and equipment area, which could be accessed by all the competitors, was located out of the competition hall. A special podium for the awarding ceremony was set on a side of the competition area.

AETF President Master Tadeusz Loboda, AETF Vice-president Master Coos v/d Heuvel, Master Harmat Laszlo, ITF General Secretary Master Juan Ferrando.
Referees during the Finals

The press & computer service team was posting online up to date draws, results, and other classifications on the Reports Page of the Championships. The official AETF website was accessed about 5.000 times during the Championships.

Finals for chosen categories took place on the center ring every afternoon. Between each bout Barada Team gave exciting demonstrations. Accompanied by a group of beautiful girls, Ms Bianca Barada Tapilatu showed how to put together gymnastic, taekwon-do, and dancing in a stirring performance. There was also a very touching demonstration at the Opening Ceremony performed by a group of wonderful kids led by Mr Ales Zemlic, member of Slovenian National Team and Instructor at Sport Centre Barada.

Final Gala - Bianca Barada Team
Final Gala – Mr Zemljic’s group of wonderful kids

The atmosphere of the whole championships was really great. Many exciting bouts proved a very high level of the competitors this year.

Male Pattern IV-VI Degree, Jaroslaw Suska (Poland) v Massimo Persia (Italy)
Female Sparring -52kg., Katya Solovey (Ukraine) v Stasa Lubej (Slovenia)
Junior Female Team Sparring, Ireland v Norway
Male Sparring -71kg., Hong Looi (Ireland) v Grega Rudolf (Slovenia)
Senior Male Team Sparring, Germany v Slovenia

The Tournament and Umpires Committee’s chairman, Mr Philip Lear, and the Committee members including Master Sandy Dunbar, Master James Tjin-A-Ton, and Mr Sven Heinrich worked very hard before and during the championship to afford all its participants, competitors, coaches, referees, and spectators maximum comfort of a smoothly-run competition. They did an excellent job and a significant number of people will find the next European Championships without this strong, well organized, and professional team hard to imagine!

There are many people without whom the European Championship would not be as good and unforgettable as it was. Grateful thanks and congratulations go to the Organiser, the Slovenian Taekwon-Do Association; Promoter, All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation; and Tournament and Umpire Committee for first-rate organization. We would like to express appreciation and sincere thanks for the referees’ hard work during the tournament. Warm thanks to Ms Bianca Tapilatu-Barada and her team for an outstanding show, and to the group of kids led by Mr Zemlic who inspired many instructors during the Opening Ceremony. I would also like to give special thanks to the competitors and their coaches who should always be the most important part of every competition for their presence and a plethora of impressive bouts they put in at the last European Championships in Maribor.

Results of the 27th Senior and 18th Junior European ITF Taekwon-Do Championships:
Best Overall Competitors:
Junior FemaleZavaryka Tatiana (Russian Fed.) 2 gold medals
Senior FemaleKozlachkova Ekaterina (Russian Fed.) 1 gold, 1 silver
Best Overall Teams:
Junior Female TeamNorway 3 gold medals
Junior Male TeamPoland 1 gold, 1 silver
Senior Female Team Poland 2 gold, 1 bronze
Senior Male TeamPoland 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze
General Countries Classification:
PlaceCountryGold Silver Bronze
1.Poland 111011
2.Norway 926
3.Slovenia 838
4.Russian Fed.6413
5.Germany 5 (2)137
6.Ireland37 (1)12
7.Romania 337
8.Italy 235
9.Ukraine 223
11.Belgium 200
13.Hungary 129
15.Spain 103
17.Slovakia 021
18.Bulgaria 010
20.Netherlands 006
21.England 002
22.Greece 001
22.Bosnia & Herzegovina 001
24.Czech Republic 000
Number of medals in divisions not counting in general classification enclosed in parentheses

Best country; 3rd Slovenia, 2nd Norway, 1st Poland
Polish National Team, Best Overall country
Best Female Competitor, Zavaryka Tatiana (Russian Fed.)

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