Newsletter Newsletter 2/2012 SportAccord Convention in Quebec
Newsletter 2/2012
SportAccord Convention in Quebec

From left: Tadeusz Loboda, GM Pablo Trajtenberg and Master Juan Ferrando

The delegation of International Taekwon-Do Federation – ITF consisted of GM Pablo Trajtenberg - ITF President, Master Juan Ferrando - ITF Secretary General and Master Tadeusz Loboda - Member of the ITF Board, President of the Board of Directors of All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation and the Chairman of the Coordination Committee for Affiliation of Taekwon-Do ITF to Sport Accord, took part from May 22nd to May 27th, 2012 in the 10th Sport Accord International Convention (earlier GAISF) and particularly on May 25th in the SportAccord Statutory General Assembly that was held in Quebec, Canada.

“(…) SportAccord Convention is the world's premier annual event at the service of sport, focused on driving positive change internationally, and dedicated to engaging rights holders, organizing committees, cities, businesses and other organizations in the development of sport.

SportAccord International Convention is a 6-day gathering of 1500 leading representatives from international sport. The annual convention is held in a different country each year and encompasses the Congress and General Assemblies of over 100 International Sports Federations (IFs) and their related Associations.

(…) it's goal is to offer the international sports community an annual occasion to gather together in an exclusive and authoritative networking environment, to build relationships, expand horizons and broaden sport’s collective endeavours. (…) “

Source: the official website of the SportAccord Convention:

In 2003 the ITF Board of Directors brought into being the Coordination Committee for Affiliation of Taekwon-Do ITF to GAISF (currently SportAccord). The head of the committee became Master Tadeusz Loboda.

In 2004 the International Taekwon-Do Federation submitted for the first time the motion for membership in GAISF. At that time the President of GAISF was Mr. Un Yong Kim, the corrupted WTF President. Therefore the application for membership of ITF never came to light and got stuck in the GAISF office. Some time later Mr. Un Yong Kim was arrested.

In 2010 the International Taekwon-Do Federation applied for the membership in SportAccord again. Although the application was recommended exceptionally positively almost as “perfect”, due to the opposition of WTF, it did not receive the positive recommendation of SportAccord Council. During the voting in the Sport Accord Statutory General Assembly in 2011 in London it received 3 voices of support.

During the visit in Quebec the ITF delegation met with Mr. Hein Verbruggen, President of SportAccord, as well as Mr. Antonio Espinos Ortueta, Board Member of Sport Accord and the President of World Karate Federation. The Convention was also occasion to meet representatives of other international federations and associations.

On Friday evening GM Pablo Trajtenberg was invited by Prof. Janel Gauthier to his house for a dinner, where he met the family of Prof. Janel Gauthier and the family of GM Trân Trieu Quan.

From left: Ms. Joliette Trân, Mrs Nguyen Trân, GM Pablo Trajtenberg, Mr. Nicolas Trân and Dr. Janel Gauthier.

On Saturday May 26th after the convention was finished, the representatives of ITF found time for sightseeing. This opportunity was used to see the old parts of Quebec City as well as to stop sometimes by the stylish, charming cafes.

In the evening GM Trajtenberg, Master Ferrando and Master Loboda were invited for an official dinner with the representatives of ITF Canada among them Dr. Janel Gauthier, Master Pierre Laquerre, Master Richard Lajeunesse, Mr. Kurt Ottesen, Ms. Joliette Trân, Mr. Nicolas Trân, Mr. Pierre Lebrun, and Mr. Alexandre Michaud. The meeting took place at the Italian restaurant called Tuscanos in Sainte-Foy.

The next Sport Accord Convention will be held on May 26th-31st, 2013 in Sankt Petersburg, Russia.

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