Newsletter Newsletter 2/2012 Great success of the Holland Cup 2012
Newsletter 2/2012
Great success of the Holland Cup

Competition area
AETF reporter
Katarzyna Rozwadowska

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On Sunday, 3rd June 2012, the 3rd edition of the Holland Cup took place in Pijnacker, the Netherlands.

479 competitors from 42 clubs, 76 referees, 45 volunteers, and 610 spectators from Belgium, England, Ireland, Germany, France, Scotland, and the Netherlands participated in this great tournament organized by Mr Tim Kool, the owner of Sportschool Tim Kool and head of the Organising Committee of this superb event.

Main table and VIP's area

The competition was held in a large (1.872 m2 surface area) and modern sports complex called ‘de Viergang’. Some of the teams who had to travel a long distance came on Saturday and stayed in the WestCord Hotel in Delft. For these teams the organizer had arranged the Weight In Procedure on the spot in the hotel, so the competitors could enjoy going out for a nice dinner with no worries about excess weight for their weight divisions. Those who arrived on the day of the competition went on the scale in the sports hall on Sunday morning before the tournament started. Only then did all the competitors receive their ID cards.

Following the coach meeting in the morning, people gathered in the sports hall waiting for the ‘big day’ to began. After 9 a.m. the competitors, coaches, referees, and volunteers lined up in the venue in front of guests and a large audience in the grandstand . They were warmly welcomed by Mr Tim Kool, who also explained the routine of the tournament. The rules were very clear and helpful for everyone.

Four Masters on the center ring - (from Left to Right) Master Thomas Denis, Master Willy Van de Mortel, Master James Tjin-A-Ton, Master Wijnand Tapilatu

Following the Opening Ceremony, the tournament started on 7 squares with pattern category which ended within about 2 hours. After individual pattern various competitors started team pattern on the center ring, and the other contestants put their gloves on for the sparring event. Straight away after every match the medalists were taken for the medal awarding ceremony to the nicely prepared podium set on the side of the hall. The sporting rivalry finished with a very exciting and long awaited event - team sparring.

Kids Pattern
Kids Sparring
Junior Sparring
Lylian Doulay (left) and Roy vd Donk (right) in IV-VI Degree Pattern
Mr Stan Wozniak (red gloves) from ETA in Team Sparring

After the whole day of competing on the top of the podium climbed the England Taekwon-Do Association (ETA) from England, winning the title of the best Overall Club at the 3rd Holland Cup.

England Taekwon-Do Association - Overall Best Club

Below you will find a few words from Master Thomas Denis, Vice President of England Taekwon-Do Association:

Master Thomas Denis

Mr Piotr Capaja, the coach of the ETA, would like to thank all competitors who participated in the Holland Cup, especially a male team for gold in team sparring. He would also like to thank Miss Julia Cross. Although Miss Cross came with her students from Scotland she also helped with coaching ETA’s competitors during the tournament.

Awarding Ceremony - Senior Male Team Sparring

The success of not only this but also any other competition and its professionalism are contingent upon both conspicuous matters and minute details. Organiser of the 3rd Holland Cup deserves sincere words of praise for the preparation and running of this very successful professional tournament. I would like to mention and put together things which decided about and contributed to its great success:

Delicious cakes with logo of the Holland Cup

I would like to introduce the Organising Committee, Head of the Referees, and various volunteers of the Holland Cup:

Tim Kool (IV Degree)
Tim Kool has been practising Taekwon-Do for 20 years, and is the owner of Sportschool Tim Kool. Tim has the main responsibility for governing and handling all the decisions taken by the Committee after careful consideration and deliberation.
Corine Kool (II Degree)
Corine has been practising taekwon-do for 11 years, and is Tim’s sister. Corine has a natural talent for organisation, and therefore her main task within the Committee is administration. She also governs all contacts with competing clubs and countries.
Rory de Vries (IV Degree)
Rory has been practising Taekwon-Do for 11 years as well. He has a lot of experience going to international tournaments and his main task is to give his experienced opinion on the organisation of the tournament. Next to this he is responsible for graphical design and translation of all correspondence.
Lydia Post (I Degree)
Lydia has been practising Taekwon-Do for 10 years. Initially, she was the driving force behind the idea to organise an own tournament. Lydia is an experienced taekwon-do practitioner, but has also experience with decorating. These things together make her a valuable member of the committee.

The organisation committee of the Holland Cup consists of four main people mentioned above. However, besides these four persons are a great many volunteers from Sportschool Tim Kool who play a very important role. They are

Diana Traub and Gerard v/d Wijngaart

These two volunteers, Diana and Gerard, are the main contacts for sponsors of the Holland Cup.

Diana Wildschut

Diana is the treasurer of Sportschool Tim Kool, but also the main responsible person for the financial welfare of the Holland Cup. Even though the main focus of this tournament is taekwon-do, we would not have organise this event without apt handling of the finances.

Cleem Kool

Cleem is Tim and Corine’s father. He does the actual purchase and collection of most items necessary for the Holland Cup. Cleem is also very skilful and creates most of the Holland Cup décor. Of course there are many more volunteers without the assistance of whom the tournament wouldn’t have been be as good as it was. They worked very hard, knew their tasks very well, showed unflinching commitment and always delivered with a smile.

Head Referee - Patrick den Hoed (IV Degree)

Head Referee - Patrick den Hoed (IV Degree)

Patrick started his Taekwon-Do career in January 1996 at the age of 10 at Taekwon-Do club OH DO KWAN in Capelle a/d IJssel. Now Patrick is 26 years old which makes him the youngest International Instructor of I.T.F. Netherlands. Besides still furthering his skills, Patrick has also been teaching Taekwon-Do for about 9 years. He has also participated in multiple international seminars and is part of the Dutch National Team.

In 2001 Patrick completed his first umpire course and later on the same year he acted as an umpire at a tournament for the first time. At present, he is an international A-license holder, which makes him the youngest international license holder within I.T.F. Netherlands. In 2007 he accepted Sabumnim Harry van Schaik’s (V Dan, KiSport) invitation to become a member of the national Tournament & Umpire Committee. Since then he has already educated more than 200 umpires and directed 4 Dutch National Championships in this capacity. Currently he is chairman of this Committee, which he runs together with Boosabumnim Corine Kool (II Dan, Sportschool Tim Kool) and Sabumnim Henny van Zon (VI Dan, Difesa – Willy v/d Mortel).

Patrick has been involved with the Holland Cup since its first edition in 2010. As a Head of the Umpires, he has been responsible for all rules, procedures, and affairs related to umpiring.

I had a great pleasure to conduct a short interview with Mr Tim Kool, Head of the Organising Committee.

Mr Tim Kool,
Head of the Organising Committee

I also asked Mrs Annick van Driessche, the President of ITF Belgium and very famous umpire about her opinion of the Holland Cup. Please, find her kind response below.

Mrs Annick van Driessche with some of her students

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response we received after the Holland Cup. The organizers can be proud of the results of the hard and professional work they have done. They absolutely did their best to make the 3rd edition of the Holland Cup totally successful in a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The organisers should be assured that most of this year participants will definitely come back next year. I would like to truly recommend this great competition for everyone to attend its 4th edition in 2013.

The results available here (MS xlsx, 25 kB).

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