Newsletter Newsletter 3/2012 ITF Belgium's Got Talent!
Newsletter 3/2012
ITF Belgium's Got Talent!

Picture RTL O. Pirard: Andreea and Alex in action, at the national newspaper Le Soir , September 10th 2012, and Le Journal des Enfants, 31 August 2012.

Andreea Musca (Multi European Champion and World Cup medallist) and Alexander Walter (World medallist) participated at the first emission of the well known TV program Belgium's Got Talent, which was forecasted for the first time in Belgium by the national channel RTL-TVI (for Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium). We saw our athletes in action the evening of the 10th September!


Some months ago ITF Brussels (the school lead by Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Bo Sabum Gonzalo Escribano) was invited by the producers of the TV program to participate. The instructors selected Andreea and Alex to show Belgium their talents!

Out of 1.500 participants, the production selected only 400 candidates for the castings that were held in June, and only 170 candidates were chosen to perform in front of the jury during July. You can see Alex and Andreea in a promotional video of the TV program that was showed during the whole summer:

The TV program

Some images of the backstage showing our athletes and Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Bo Sabum Gonzalo Escribano giving advices to them before performing opened the TV program! Then several participants passed showing their skills.

When the turn arrived, Andreea and Alex performed a choreography with music, showing different synchronized movements, pre arranged sparring in fast motion, all combined with some funny things. Andreea and Alex received a lot of compliments from the public and from other participants. People present in the show really appreciated their performance, and supported them with a lot of claps, “likes” showing the thumbs, and “Yes” “Yes” “Yes”! at the moment of the final jury decision. The atmosphere was great and at the end they finished with two “Yes” and one “No”. They are still in career and will try to do it even better in the next round to convince the jury members and going to the semi finals.

Alex and Andreea like Belgium's Got Talent!

You can see an interview of Alex and Andreea after their performance in the following link:
And some images of the backstage here:

Andreea and Alex will also participate at the Dutch version of Belgium's Got Talent, which will be forecasted by the national channel VTM. In this program, several members of the Belgian Federation cheered for Andreea and Alex, including Master Frank Vanberghen (VIII Degree)!.

The participation of Andreea and Alex in the first emission of this famous and popular TV program was a fantastic window for Taekwon-Do ITF in Belgium, and will help to develop the martial art in different regions of the country.

We wish Andreea and Alex the best of luck for the next emission!

Yours in Taekwon-Do,
Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Bo Sabum Gonzalo Escribano

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