Newsletter Newsletter 4/2012 4th World Cup, Brighton
Newsletter 4/2012
4th World Cup, Brighton

AETF reporter
Katarzyna Rozwadowska

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ITF World Cup is a worldwide tournament organised every two years since 2004. The first edition took place in Orlando, the USA; the second in Benidorm, Spain; the third in Riva del Garda, Italy. Unfortunately, the fourth World Cup in 2010 in Las Vegas was cancelled due to the tragic death of GM Trân Triêu Quân. Instead of the tournament in the USA, the Open European Cup was organised in Bratislava, Slovakia. The last edition of the World Cup took place in Brighton, England from 4th – 7th October 2012. This great event was organised by Vision Taekwon-Do Association with Mr Philip Lear as head of the organising committee.

Brighton, also known as “Little London” or “London-by-the-sea”, is an exciting and lively City on the south coast (Sussex) of Great Britain. For a few days the City became a home for 1557 competitors, 75 Officials, 83 Umpires, 383 coaches (which was not the actual number of coaches, as some of them were also registered as competitors), and about 500 supporters from 44 countries (143 schools/clubs/associations).

The participants started arrive to the city on Tuesday (2nd October). The Registration, Weigh In Procedure, Umpire Meeting, and Coach Meeting took place on Wednesday, 3rd October. Also, the International Taekwon-Do Federation Congress was held on Wednesday evening.

Mayor of Brighton & Hove, Councillor Bill Randall
Mr Gary Glaysher
President of the ITF, GM Pablo Trajtenberg

The ITF World Cup started early in the morning of the 4th of October in the largest conference and exhibition centre in southern England, the Brighton Centre, situated in the centre of Brighton on the sea front. The venue was decorated with flags of all participating countries, ITF World Cup’s banners with the official logo, a few standing banners with pictures taken at the last European Championships this year, and two huge pictures of General Choi and the ITF logo above the main table. Between the pictures a large LED screen was situated to follow the centre ring and a major area during the Opening Ceremony. All participants were warmly welcomed by the Mayor of Brighton & Hove, Councillor Bill Randall, and nicely surprised with weird English of the Town Crier. The entire hall froze for a few minutes starring at Mr Gary Glaysher (2nd Degree) ( magnificently singing “Jerusalem”, the English national anthem, and “Nessun Dorma” for all those present there. After the ecstatic singing performance the President of the ITF, GM Pablo Trajtenberg, in his opening speech greeted all participants and guests, presented Masters and Grandmasters and thanked them for their hard work and dedication to the ITF, and wished good luck to all competitors. There was one more wonderful and emotional moment during the Opening Ceremony, especially for English partakers – a formal announcement and presentation of the 9th Degree for Master Orello Ellis from England, who became a first Grandmaster in ITF England.

Following the Opening Ceremony, sporting rivalry began on 10 rings prepared for the event. Each square was televised live, so all the families and friends from all around the world who couldn’t come to Brighton had opportunity to watch the competition online. The centre ring also had two cameras with a big LED screen on the wall behind (above the main table). On that screen were also shown short video clips for the audience which explained the most important rules of Taekwon-Do ITF competition, the competition schedule, and some announcements and reminders. Out of the competition hall all competitors also had a large separate warm-up area.

On the ground floor in the entrance hall were situated Top Ten and Fuji stands, and the stand with the ITF World Cup merchandise. Among the many cracking World Cup goodies there were special ITF and ITF World Cup wristbands. Anyone who purchased the wristband helped to raise money for the people in Africa to help develop Taekwon-Do within their communities. There were also two special tables. One for Mr Alex Gillis, the author of the book “A Killing Art”. Mr Gillis signed his books and spoke to many people interested in his fascinating book based on the history of Taekwon-Do. Another table was prepared for Mr Lukas Grygiel who came to Brighton to promote the Black Belt Project – a great multimedia program for learning Taekwon-Do ITF (

Mr Philip Lear in conversation with Mr Alex Gillis

The atmosphere of the whole tournament was really great. Many exciting bouts during four days of sporting rivalry proved a very high level of the competitors. They also demonstrated a high level of courtesy, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. They had to be focused and very disciplined due to a very high number of competitors and the fact that the schedule of the competition was tight. Unbelievably high number of participants extended every day of the competition for about 1-2 hours.

On Saturday afternoon some people were lucky to take part in the seminar with the “Best of the Best” stars Phillip and Simon Rhee.

An incredibly fantastic Gala with the Finals for chosen categories took place on Saturday night. Wonderful atmosphere on the sports hall was an amazing experience for all those present. Between traditional sparring and sparring bouts the audience could admire a fantastic demonstration by Emma Elms, a star of “Got to Dance”. For all who missed or would like to remind themselves about this great night there is a professional DVD from the World Cup Finals and the Opening Ceremony available at

During the Closing Ceremony on Sunday evening Master Alberto Katz, Chairman of the Umpire Committee, thanked all referees for their hard work during the tournament. Mr Philip Lear, the Organiser of the 4th ITF World Cup, thanked his Vision team for their hard work for the last months, his wife Elly for her help and support, and the medic staff who took care of all the people in need of medical help during the competition. Following the speech of Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg, President of the ITF, the team from Jamaica performed a demonstration to the rhythm of Bob Marley’s music, which was a foretaste of what awaits us in Jamaica at the next World Cup in 2014.

The Umpire Committee consisting of the Chairman, Master Alberto Katz and the Members, Master Sandy Dunbar and Master Kurt Ottesen, and the Tournament Committee including Chairman Master Coos van de Heuvel and the Mambers Master Giovanni Cecconato and Master Harry Vones worked very hard before and during the tournament. Their main task was to prepare the ring councils (the Umpire Committee) and the competition schedule (the Tournament Committee). During the tournament they had to make sure that everything was going according to plan, support and advice the ring councils, and decide protests. They did an excellent job dealing with the inconceivably high number of competitors, coaches, and referees.

Appreciation and a sincere thanks should also go to the Umpire team for their hard work throughout the long days during the tournament.

Special thanks to the competitors and the coaches for their presence and a number of impressive bouts. Grateful thanks and sincere congratulations to the Organiser Mr Philip Lear and his Vision Team for a first-rate organisation and making the 4th ITF World Cup an unforgettable event for over 2.500 people present in Brighton. The 4th ITF World Cup finished with an immense party in the Oceana Nightclub (, where the Taekwon-Do friends met for a chat, dance, and a drink.

Please, find below few words from Mr Philip Lear, the Organiser of the 4th World Cup.

Results of the 4th World Cup in Brighton, England:

In General Medal Classification for National Teams on the winner’s podium climbed:
1. Irish Taekwon-Do Association (Ireland) - 23 gold, 17 silver, 33 bronze;
2. ITKD New Zealand (New Zealand) - 18 gold, 15 silver, 13 bronze;
3. FETRA (Argentina) – 14 gold, 7 silver, 20 bronze.
General Medal Classification for Clubs/Schools:
1. Klub Sportowy DRAGON (Poland) – 8 gold, 9 silver, 11 bronze;
2. Vision Taekwon-Do (England) – 7 gold, 5 silver, 12 bronze;
3. Taekwon-Do Dolny Slask (Poland) – 6 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze.
Best Clubs/Schools: (1)Klub Sportowy DRAGON, (2) Vision Taekwon-Do, (3) Taekwon-Do Dolny Slask

General Countries Classification

1. Poland 24 (2) 21 (2) 29 (1) 97
2.Ireland19 (5)17 (1)34157
3.Argentina17 (4)14 (6)34 (2)185
4.New Zealand15 (3)151354
5.England13 (4)13 (4)29 (3)161
6.Scotland1216 (1)15105
7.Russian Federation1171056
11.Finland4 (2)7952
12.Germany3 (1)71151
13.The Netherlands 34937
15.Japan3 (2)1924
16.Belgium3 (1)146
20.Israel137 (1)49
21.Uzbekistan1 (1)2333
26.United States04 (3)644
28.Hong Kong00213
30.United Arab Emirates0001
 All medals given165 (25)165 (17)301 (7)  

Numbers of medals in divisions that are not taken into account in general classification enclosed in parentheses (with less than 4 competitors).

More Classifications, Statistics, and detailed Reports at

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