Newsletter Newsletter 1/2013 Open Dutch Championships Very Strong
Newsletter 1/2013
Open Dutch Championships Very Strong

When the tournament starts there were 648 competitors from 14 different country’s! Organizers Mr. Henny van Zon and Master Willy van de Mortel were proud on this.

This Open Dutch in the same location as last year in Best, close to Eindhoven with a beautiful sports hall “Naestebest”.

The head referees Master Coos van den Heuvel where leading the 77 referee’s over the 9 area’s!

Further a warm welcome to our special guests, GM Wim Bos from Italy, GM Lang Un Kim from Germany, Master Per Andersen from Norway, Master Ray Gayle from PUMA, England. Competitors from Belgium, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Slovenia, Portugal, Finland, England, Poland, Spain Netherlands, and from the Caribbean the hosting country for the next World Cup Jamaica! There were competitors from National, European and World level present at this competition.

Good matches in Tuls with great competition between competitors from Italy, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Finland and the Netherlands. In sparring Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Norway Poland, Ireland and the Netherlands fought for the titles.

Winners of male team sparring

In the junior divisions where winners as Jennifer Lehane, Chloe Aboud from Ireland, but also Chaiyong Boonyarit from the Netherlands and Thimoty Bos from Italy. But also 2 junior girls from Norway, Andrea Engdal and Mina Gravdal as newcomer at the tournament. In the female divisions we got winners from different country’s Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Netherlands and in the -50 kg it was Schenkema Cunningham from Jamaica who got the title. She’s the first Caribbean winner at the Open Dutch.

In -63 kg male was the final between Oyvind Rothing from Norway and Seamus Lehane from Ireland, Oyvind won this match. Male -57 kg was a good final between Italian Tiziano Trimboli and from Poland Armit Batra. The Italian took the win.

The division -70 kg was a very strong one with a very high standard, winner in the final was again like last year Hong Looi from Ireland. He beat in the final from Poland Maciek Zuk. In the -78 kg was it from Norway Hendrick-Emil Evardsen who won from Grzegorz Szalkowski Rybnicki, Poland.

Norway Team

Tim Kool -85 kg from the Netherlands stays in the final against another Dutch fighter Hendry Bloks and took the 1st place. The +85 kg final to goes Davide Messineo from Italy last year finalist against. This year he took the first place. The winners in the A class sparring and Tul got all a T-shirt from the competition.

Some competitors got gold in sparring and Tul, junior Chloe Aboud (European Champion) and Hong Looi both from Ireland! But also Thimothy Bos (Italy) in the junior division good for 2 times a 1st place.

Left: Female junior Tuls II Degree. Rigth: Winners in pattern IV-VI Degree
GM Wim Bos and his son Thimoty

Also the new country’s who came to this Open Dutch as Spain, Finland, and Portugal and Jamaica won all some prices at this competition. There was a competition in Nopi-chagi for the B-class and Team-sparring for the A-class. With 10 female team and 14 male team from different country’s this was also a strong team competition.

The female final was between Germany and Poland, Poland won the final and Norway won the 3rd place. By the male the final was between Norway and PUMA from England, PUMA won this with a small difference, 3rd place was for the home club Difesa-Willy van de Mortel.

For all photos and videos visit the webpage:

The Italy Team

Tournament winner (club / organisation) where FITAE – Italy in A and B category!

Italian coaches with trofee

Open Dutch in figures
Some interesting facts about this competition
Competitors: 648
Countries: 14
Club / Organisations: 57
Overall winner: FITAE – Italy in B-class
FITAE – Italy in A-class

Thanks to everybody special to our visitors from abroad and we hope to see you all at the “Open Dutch Championships 2014” at the 19th of January 2014.

Mr. Henny van Zon & Master Willy van de Mortel
Organizers Open Dutch Championships

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