Newsletter Newsletter 1/2013 I.T.F. Radix Project Seminars
Newsletter 1/2013
I.T.F. Radix Project Seminars

During the 25th Anniversary of the I.T.F. Netherlands the first seminar of the Radix Project was conducted. The word Radix means “root” (of a plant) or the smallest meaningful unit (of a language). It refers to the goal of the project: to research the roots and the tactical treasures hidden in the ITF Tul. Furthermore to develop techniques that have meaningful self-defense applications.

Sabum Robert Boer (ITF Netherlands) and Sabum Roy Rolstad (NTN Norway) launched the project with support of their organizations. The two instructors amazed many of the 160 black belt participants this day with the tactical possibilities of I.T.F. Tul applications.

GM Bos, an original I.T.F. Netherlands member, also honored the Dutch organization this day with his presence and inspired the Masters, Instructors and black belts with his skills and words. A day with great training, fun, food and company.

The second Radix Project took place in the Isfjordshallen in Åndalsnes, Norway. 40 Participants from various clubs around the country attended the weekend 16 and 17 February in a Radix self-defense seminar with Sabum Roy Rolstad. It was the seventh time the Ho Sin Sul seminar was organized by the Åndalsnes Taekwon-Do club. This year the weekend was based on the I.T.F. Radix Project.

Eager participants from yellow to black belt experienced the seminar as inspirational and educational. At Saturday night there was time for a social gathering and a nice dinner. Sunday in the afternoon, everyone left Åndalsnes with new knowledge and sore bodies!

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