Newsletter Newsletter 2/2013 Phenomenal success of the Holland Cup
Newsletter 2/2013
Phenomenal success of the Holland Cup
AETF reporter
Katarzyna Rozwadowska

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A very successful 4th edition of the Holland Cup took place at the weekend 1st and 2nd of June in Pijnacker, the Netherlands. 525 competitors (345 on Saturday, 180 on Sunday) from 52 clubs from Belgium, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Syria, and the Netherlands arrived to the Dutch province of South Holland on the invitation of Mr Tim Kool, the owner of Sportschool Tim Kool and head of the Organising Committee. Battling competitors were judged by 56 referees on Saturday and 35 on Sunday and cheered on by 615 (345 on Saturday and 270 on Sunday) spectators and supporters.

All teams arrived on Friday had the Weigh In Procedure organized on the spot in the hotel the same day, which some of the competitors who had been starving for last few days were dying for. Those who arrived on the day of the competition went on the scales in the sports hall before the tournament started. Once the weighting and measuring (for kids) were completed the competitors received their ID cards and wristbands.

Following the coach meeting and referee meeting, the competition started on Saturday morning at 9:30 in a large (1.872 m2 surface area ) and very modern (unique combination of facilities) sports and recreational complex called “de Viergang”. The venue was decorated with innumerable number of sponsors’ banners and boards, the Holland Cup big banner, and many small posters of the 4th Holland Cup. Hanging on the wall was also a poster with picture of Gen. Choi and the tournament’s Organising Committee members. Besides the colorful banners, the hall was vitalized by live (no artificial!) green plants delivering oxygen as well as giving an air of relaxation and calmness. The nicely decorated and well equipped main table was situated behind an elevated centre ring and a splendidly prepared VIP area. In the left corner the organizers placed a huge screen displaying a current schedule which informed about all category events on each ring. The massive screen was easily visible for everyone in the competition area and the grandstand. In the opposite corner was a well prepared podium with an adorable collection of bronze, silver, and gold medals as well as two overall trophies to be awarded during the two days of battling. Out of the competition hall and on the way to the grandstand there were stands with taekwon-do equipment and The Holland Cup’s souvenirs. T-shirts with names of the winners from the previous year were really popular with participants.

The Opening Ceremony started with competitors, coaches and volunteers lined up in the venue cheering on the referees entering the hall to the sound of loud music. Mr Kool welcomed all the participants warmly and explained the rules and the routine of the tournament. He also thanked the Organising Committee presenting them on the main centre ring and handed out framed commemorative certificates of the 4th Holland Cup.

After a very pleasant Opening Ceremony the tournament started with first bows for A-class competitors (blue belts and above) on 7 squares. At first the pre-arranged free sparring category started on the elevated centre ring and pattern on the other rings. Individual and team categories in pattern finished before noon and after lunch break it was time to put gloves on. Many exciting and emotional as well as very high sports level bows filled the whole afternoon giving a first class show for the spectators. Two patterns and two rounds in sparring presented a great opportunity for the competitors to fully demonstrate their skills and potential. After the whole day of competing on the top of the podium climbed Sportscentre Tapilatu, led by Master Wijnand Tapilatu and Mr Stephen Tapilatu, to be given overall best club trophy for A-class competitors.

The day in the competition hall was over but not for the participants. Late in the evening they came back to the same building they spent the whole day in but… “wearing high heels and fresh T-shirts (or shirts)” to enjoy the after-party. If the saying I heard that “someone who can dance can also be a good fighter” is true, I can definitely say that the parquet was “crowded with champions” until late into the night.

The second day of the competition started with a similar Opening Ceremony to the one on Saturday. This day B-class youth, juniors, seniors, and veterans (white, yellow, and green belts) fought for the medals in individual pattern and sparring categories on four squares. The day past very swiftly and proficiently as the first day of the competition did and finished before 3pm. That was the day to celebrate a victory of the winning the overall best club trophy (B-class) by In Nae Do Kwan led by Master James Tjin aTon and his wife Mrs Liesbeth Willems.

Please, find below few words from Master Wijnand Tapilatu

Master Wijnand Tapilatu

Few words from Master James Tjin A Ton

Master James Tjin a Ton

The key to a phenomenal success of the 4th Holland Cup is enthusiasm and paying attention not only to the bread-and-butter but also to finest details – just like at previous editions of this tournament. I would like to put them all together:

Rory de Vries, Tim Kool, Corine Kool, Patrick den Hoed

I would like to present the Organising Committee, Head Referee, and various volunteers of the 4th Holland Cup:

Tim Kool (IV Degree) – Head of the Organising Committee

Tim Kool has been practising Taekwon-Do for 22 years, and is the owner of Sportschool Tim Kool. Tim has the main responsibility for governing and handling all the decisions taken by the Committee after discussions, careful consideration and deliberation.

Corine Kool (II Degree)

Corine has been practising taekwon-do for 13 years, and is Tim’s sister. Corine has a natural organizational talent, and therefore her main task within the Committee is administration. She also governs all contacts with competing clubs and countries.

Rory de Vries (IV Degree)

Rory has been practising Taekwon-Do for 13 years. He has a lot of experience going to international tournaments and his main task is to give his experienced opinion on the organisation of the tournament. He is responsible for graphical design and translation of all correspondence.

The Organisingn Committee of the 4th Holland Cup consists of three main people mentioned above. However, there are a great number of enthusiastic volunteers from Sportschool Tim Kool who play a very important role, who work very hard and with dedication, and without whom the Holland Cup wouldn’t be as good as it was. Among them are:

Gerard v/d Wijngaart, ambassador of the Holland Cup, and Diana Traub

Diana and Gerard are responsible for all matters related to the sponsors of the Holland Cup.

Diana Wildschut

Diana is the treasurer of Sportschool Tim Kool and the main responsible person for the financial welfare of the Holland Cup. Even though the main focus of this tournament is taekwon-do, we would not have organise this event without apt handling of the finances.

Cleem Kool

Cleem is Tim and Corine’s father. He does the actual purchase and collection of most items necessary for the Holland Cup. Cleem is also very skilful and creates most of the Holland Cup decoration.

Patrick den Hoed (V Degree) - Head Referee

Patrick started his Taekwon-Do career in 1996 at the age of 10. In 2001 Sabum Patrick participated in his first umpire course and later the same year he acted as umpire at a tournament for the first time. At present, he is an international A-license holder and has been to 4 International Umpire Courses since 2008. In 2007 he joined the national Tournament & Umpire Committee. In this position, among other things, he has already educated more than 250 umpires and directed 5 Dutch national championships. Currently he is chairman of this committee, which he runs with Sabum Emiel Kloor (IV Dan), Boosabum Corine Kool (III Dan), Sahyun Coos v/d Heuvel (VII Dan), and Henny van Zon.

Ever since the first edition (in 2010) Sabum Patrick has been involved with the organisation of the Holland Cup both during the preparation and execution phase of this tournament and has been responsible for all regulatory, procedural, and umpire-related affairs.

I had a great pleasure interviewing Mr Tim Kool, Head of the Organising Committee:

Mr Tim Kool, Head of the Organising Committee

I also asked some distinguished participants about their opinion of the 4th Holland Cup. Please, find below their very positive response below.

Master Coos van den Heuvel – AETF and ITF Chairman of Tournament Committee

Master Coos van den Heuvel – AETF and ITF Chairman of Tournament Committee

On Saturday I visited the 4th Holland Cup on invitation of the organizers.

When I entered the hall I was welcomed by the staff in a very professional and relaxed way. They escorted me to the VIP lounge which was very nicely equipped, complete with a host to take care of you.

The hall was very professional, equipped with 7 rings and the center ring was elevated like during the European championships. In the corner was a big screen, so all coaches and competitors knew the situation in all rings and when to prepare. The same system like in the World championships was used to collect and bring the competitors to the ring, so no time was wasted.

The overall conclusion is the Holland Cup was a very well and professionally organized tournament. The complete staff were well instructed and knew what to do. It is a tournament for the competitors and coaches, everybody does their best to give the best service.

The Tournament to look forward to next time, a recommendation to go to in 2014.

The Organizing Committee I would like to congratulate on your success.

At left: Miss Julia Cross – 15-time European Champion and 6-time World Champion, at right: Mr Harry van Schaik

Miss Julia Cross – 15-time European Champion and 6-time World Champion

Another very well pre paired and professionally organised competition. Expertly run with the big screen so you could see what division was running on which ring. Good standard of competitors. Most divisions with good numbers. I will be there next year with more competitors.

Harry van Schaik "Active and Involved" - ITF Development Committee member

In the Netherlands there has been a history of great tournaments and also in 2013 it is already a great year. After many years working in the PROMAT formula, organizers of different schools got a lot of inspiration to organize well-structured tournaments. With the Open Dutch in January, the All ITF Taekwon-Do Cup in March and the Holland Cup in June a great step forward. The Holland Cup is one of the best organized tournaments in the country and the only tournament that takes 2 days, 1 day for A-class and 1 day for B-class. I was only able to be present with 1 competitor on Sunday and only heard of my A-class team of the Saturday their experience. To be short, top-class organizers, well-structured volunteers, referees and coaches. Even a drone in the hall and also the after party on Saturday was a success! I think I can say the Holland Cup has the potential, with the great crew under the leadership of Sabum Tim Kool, to grow even more!

Two days of the competition passed with ease and efficiently in a very warm atmosphere and filling very welcome. There were many wonderful staff members who made all those present at home. Not only did they give us an excellent and professional “service” but also help and smile at every turn. They were very serious and enthusiastic about their tasks. We also remember that these volunteers didn’t just work throughout two competition days in the sports hall but their hard work had started weeks earlier and was by no means finished on Sunday at 3pm! Mr Gerard v/d Wijngaart, the Holland Cup’s ambassador, who is responsible for getting in touch with sponsors and taking care of them during the competition, had probably been working most of the year accomplishing his mission. Mr Patrick den Hoed, head umpire, ensured that everything at each square would run properly and according to the tournament’s rules, and on time with the competition schedule, but his preparation to the event had also started long time before hand. The Tournament Committee; Tim Kool, Corine Kool, Rory de Vries; you have done an excellent job once more! Your hard work, enthusiasm, and careful attention to detail definitely paid off. You gave all those present a great opportunity to experience a top-class competition at a very high organizational and sports level in a friendly atmosphere. I’m sure that most of the participants will be back next year along with their friends they will have convinced to join them by then. I strongly and heartily recommend this tournament “made by competitors for competitors” to take part!

4th Holland Cups’ Results

Schedules Sparring Juniors A (PDF, 720 kB)
Schedules Sparring Juniors B (PDF, 670 kB)
Schedules Sparring Seniors A (PDF, 1 MB)
Schedules Sparring Seniors B (PDF, 670 kB)
Schedules Patterns (PDF, 174 kB)
Schedules Teams (PDF, 678 kB)
Schedules Sparring Youth A (PDF, 925 kB)
Schedules Sparring Youth B (PDF, 900 kB)
Schedules Sparring Veterans (PDF, 670 kB)

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