Newsletter Newsletter 3/2013 87th IIC in Poland
Newsletter 3/2013
87th IIC in Poland

The sports halls of the Warsaw University of Physical Education were the venue of the 87th International Instructor Course held on 27th – 29th September 2013 in Poland. The host of the event was the Polish Taekwon-Do Association.

The term of organization of the course was not coincidental. The September date was chosen due to the fact that usually in this time everyone can admire the advantages of the Polish golden autumn (a typical Indian summer). Also the close date of the World Championships which will be held in October in Spain was of importance. The seminar made it possible to update all technical details in patterns before the most important sport event this year, increasing the chances for victory of competitors who are going to Benidorm. Also the umpires and coaches could update their knowledge which is very important to be able to judge or teach techniques in an appropriate way.

The previous IIC in Poland was held in January 2010 and the temperatures during the day had decreased up to -25 degrees. At that time the weather did not allow the participants to value the advantages of our country. Please see the report from the IIC 2010 in Warsaw on the AETF website This time the weather was much better, however, sometimes it was raining a bit.

142 participants from 11 countries (Argentina, Denmark, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Russia, USA and Poland) took part in the seminar. The participants were divided into two groups based on their advancement level: 1st – 3rd Degree (73 people) and 4th – 7th Degree (69 people). Because of that the technical content of the seminar was more adjusted to the technical level of practitioners. In the first group the members of the Technical Committee put more accents to patterns as well as the exercises of the sparring and self-defense, in turn during the training sessions for higher degrees the Grand Masters concentrated on the technical matters of pattern, especially for higher degrees.

Photo: Piter Trojanowski

The course was traditionally conducted by the Members of the ITF Technical Committee: Grand Master Hector Marano – the Chairman, Grand Master Willem Jacob Bos, who hold a double position of Member and the ITF Board Director and Grand Master Kim Lan Ung – the Member of the Technical Committee.

The Grand Masters came to Warsaw after the 86th IIC held on 20-22nd September 2013 in Zvenigorod, Russia. GM Marano first arrived in Poland on Tuesday, 24th September. Directly from the airport he traveled to Lublin. On Wednesday morning, assisted by Master Tadeusz Loboda and Mr. Andrzej Kozlowski, pioneer of Taekwon-Do in Poland, he was sightseeing the city, familiarized himself with the special glamour of the old town and its historical treasures. The weather during the sightseeing was good. Grand Master Marano was so much under impression of the beauty of Lublin, that he considered the tourist visit with the family at the summer time.

Our guest visited also the All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation and Polish Taekwon-Do Association Headquarters, where he met with Master Jerzy Jedut, the AETF Secretary General and PTA Vice-president for technical matters. Here a long discussion took place on the intricacies of Taekwon-Do techniques.

In the evening GM Marano visited the training session of the advanced group of Lubelski Sportowy Club Taekwon-do. Grand Master paid compliments to the classes conducted by Master Tadeusz Loboda as well as the engagement and technical level of the students. At the end it was time for a short photo session. There were so many questions and doubts in reference to the technical elements from patterns, that the stay at the club was a bit longer than planned.

GM Marano in Lubelski Sportowy Club Taekwon-do
GM Hector Marano with the participans of the advanced group in LSKT Lublin

During his visit GM Marano had many chances to taste some dishes of the Polish cuisine, especially soups. Our guest liked the proposed dishes, despite the fact that the food taste mainly differed from those he got used to eat in Buenos Aires.

On Thursday GM Marano together with Master Loboda went to Warsaw, where they met other members of the ITF Technical Committee. GM Kim Lan Ung came to Warsaw by car assisted by Mr. Andrew Niven, coach of the German National Team and two students.

Thursday and Friday were the days were Grand Masters could use the time for Warsaw sightseeing. They also made a point of visiting some shopping centers.

The participants of the seminar were accommodated in three different class hotels. Two of them were situated in the area of the University of Physical Education, where the third one Novotel Hotel – was situated in the center of the capitol, within the 2 km distance from the old town, close to many shopping centers. The visitors had at their disposal also many restaurants with Polish cuisine as well as with the specialties of the world wide cuisines.

Everyone who was accommodated in the Novotel Hotel had a transport to and from the seminar venue confirmed.

The organizer – PTA – took care of the special decorations of both sport halls. The banners and flags are visible in many photos and movies made during the seminar.

On Saturday afternoon, when the participants of the seminar had a rest, a PTA Annual Congress was held in Hotel Meksyk. The delegates from 37 schools took part in the meeting. The Congress decided about the calendar of activity for 2014 as well as accepted the Disciplinary and Anti-Doping Regulations which should have been adjusted according to the Model Anti-Doping Rules.

On Saturday evening 42 people took part in the banquet organized in an oriental restaurant WASABI on Piłsudskiego Square in Warsaw. One of the organizers of the banquet was Mr. Bayarsaikhan Bayarkhuu, 1st Degree, the student of Master Janusz Gutkowski, who took care of the menu as well as of other details. The participants could savor the traditional dishes of Korean and Japan cuisine. GM Marano rated that the food was as good as that served during the IIC in Japan.

During the banquet one of the guests Mr. Stefano Minotti from Italy, 6th Degree, sang professionally and “a cappella” a song “O sole mio”. He received a huge applause for his performance from the audience.

On Sunday Morning, Master Ernesto Santaniello from Italy, 7th Degree gave an additional, one hour seminar to the group of 1st to 3rd degree holders. He mainly demonstrated the sport sparring exercises. The participants commented the classes very good.

During the Sunday seminar a black belt test took place for people who due to the ITF By-Laws restrictions have not possibility to take the grading in their own countries. Three people were allowed to take an exam.

First was Mrs. Mimmi Oskarsson, member of the Board of Directors of All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation and Swedish Taekwon-Do ITF Federation, who passed the grading for 6th degree.

Two other people were Mr. Levan Tsaretashvili – President of the Georgian Taekwon-Do ITF Federation and Mr. Zaza Chanturia – Member, who was promoted to 4th Degree. Thanks that promotion the Georgian Federation is right now able to promote their members for the first black belt degree.

Congratulation on the promotions.

87th International Instructor Course was officially closed by GM Willem Jacob Bos. The Grand Masters received from PTA replicas of the ITF turtle shell with a written, occasional dedication referring to the IIC. All three Grand Masters were really content, liked the gifts very much and stated that the replica will decorate the walls of their offices or training halls.

At the end Master Tadeusz Loboda the PTA President received many congratulations for a good organization, friendly atmosphere, a nice time in Warsaw as well as for a high level of the course.

The participants left Warsaw satisfied, full of impressions and rich in new knowledge and abilities and got safely home.

Polish Taekwon-Do Association would like to thank to Grand Masters for their hard work and all participants for their contribution and support of such an important event in Poland.

Another report from the IIC in Warsaw is available on the ITF website:

The next IIC will take place in November in Belgium. We already know that it will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest seminars organized by now in Europe.

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