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Newsletter 1/2014
Report Open Dutch 2014

Open Dutch 2014 Hall A

When the tournament starts there were 750 competitors from 18 different country’s! Even bigger then last year edition! Organizers Mr. Henny van Zon and Master Willy van de Mortel were proud on this.

This Open Dutch in the same location as last year in Best, close to Eindhoven with a beautiful sports hall “Naestebest”.

The head referee Master Coos van den Heuvel together with Ron Dijkhuizen where leading the 77 referee’s over the 11 area’s!

Coach meeting

Further a warm welcome to our special guests, GM Wim Bos from Italy, GM Lang Un Kim from Germany, Master Sandy Dunbar and Master Gordon Wallace both from Scotland.

After the opening speech GM Wim Bos gives the 8th Degree certificate to Master Willy van de Mortel from his grading at the IIC in Belgium October 2013.

Competitors from Belgium, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Slovenia, Portugal, Finland, England, Poland, Spain, Wales, Bosnia & Herzegovina, France, Canada, Uzbekistan and Netherlands. There were competitors from National, European and World level present at this competition.

This year we had the chance to use on two squares a new wireless electronic system. President from ITF Finland Mr. Thierry Meyour came over with his system to use it at this tournament. And so to have the chance to develop it, and to found out the reactions of umpires for example.

Coach meeting

Good matches in Tuls with great competition between competitors from Italy, Poland, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, France and the Netherlands.

Pattern winners from France

In sparring Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Norway, Poland, Ireland and the Netherlands fought for the titles.

Open Dutch Yought division

In 4th till 6th Degree Male pattern the final was between Lylian Doulay from France and Mikhail Vorontsov from Italy with Lylian as the winner. From Ireland Hong Looi became 3rd.

In the junior male divisions where winners as Alen Preloznik from Slovenia Colm Carrol from Ireland. George Hadrys from England and best junior of the tournament Timothy Bos from Italy. He won pattern as sparring like last year!

Best junior Thimothy Bos from Italy

In the female divisions we got winners from different country’s Norway, Scotland, Ireland and the Netherlands.

In the female sparring we saw national team members from their country’s winning the divisions. Like Andrea Musca from Belgium, Sarah Lehane from Ireland, Andrea Sinner from Germany, Ursa Terdin from Slovenia and Nina Meppelder from the Netherlands.

In -63 kg male was the final between two Italians Nicolas Giovannoni and Gabriele Tiberi, 3rd place was for Andreas Moser from Norway.

The division -70 kg was a very strong one with a very high standard, winner in the final was Nejc Gazvoda from Slovenia. He beat in the final from Poland Maciek Zuk.

-70 kg Nejc Gazvoda from Slovenia

In the -78 kg was it from Ireland Hong Looi who won from Gilles Brown from Scotland.

Tim Kool -85 kg from the Netherlands stays in the final against Richard Forde from Ireland and took the 1st place. The +85 kg final to goes Badr Tlili from Germany, he won the final from Marcel Hildering from the Netherlands.

The winners in the A class sparring and Tul got all a T-shirt from the competition.

Also the new country’s who came to this Open Dutch as Bosnia & Herzegovina, Wales, and France and Uzbekistan won all some prices at this competition. Strong country’s were Italy, Ireland, Poland, Norway and Netherlands. With Italy who won again the overall trophy in the A-category.

For all photos and videos visit the webpage:
by Jurgen Spierings,
by Duncan Epping.

Some interesting facts about this competition
Competitors: 750
Countries: 18
Club / Organizations: 69
Overall winner: Van Buell Sports - Netherlands in B-class
FITAE – Italy in A-class

Special thanks to all volunteers, first aid group, sports bar, sports hall and everybody who help us during this fantastic weekend. Thanks to everybody special to our visitors from abroad and we hope to see you all at the “Open Dutch Championships 2015” at the 18th of January 2015.

Mr. Henny van Zon & Master Willy van de Mortel
Organizers Open Dutch Championships

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