Newsletter Newsletter 3/2014 Masters Seminar – Italy 2014
Newsletter 3/2014
Masters Seminar – Italy 2014

In the past, information about a special seminar for 7th and higher Degree holders conducted by Gen. Choi Hong Hi in Argentina, has fired the imagination of Taekwon-Do practitioners, especially those with the lower grades. The interest in the program of such a seminar, the secrets revealed to the elite of Taekwon-Do had evoked many emotions.

On 9th – 11th April 1996 in Toronto, Canada – on the 30th anniversary of International Taekwon-Do Federation establishment – took place the ITF April Conference. The seminar for the 5th and higher degree holders predated the mentioned conference on the ITF Policy held on 10th April and the anniversary celebration on the 11th April 1996.

The idea of the conference was continued in the following year. From 11th to 13th April 1997 was held the ITF April World Conference Seminar. During this event was celebrated the 42nd anniversary of Taekwon-Do establishment.

The next course for the 6th and higher degree holders was a Masters Seminar conducted by Gen. Choi Hon Hi in 2002 in Vienna, Austria. In the ITF Newsletter no. 1/2002 a following report was published: „There was a great Masters’ Course held by Gen. Choi Hong Hi in Vienna from 11th to 13th January 2002. This was a historical event as it was the first Masters’ Course to be held. This masters’ course will become an annual event. We would like to have a new ‘Master Course Certificate’ for these courses and ask you all to submit ideas for a design for this.

General did not succeed to fulfill the plan to hold the masters seminar each year on a regular basis. After his death on 15th June 2002 the conducting of the International Instructor Courses was continued by the ITF Technical Committee.

At the beginning the courses were available also for the practitioners with red belts (2nd and 1st gup). Later on the IIC participation was limited only to the black belt holders. In the subsequent years the participants were being divided in to two groups: 1st – 3rd Degree and 4th Degree and above. However, only the 98th International Instructor Course - which took place in the past weekend of 14th – 16th November 2014 in Treviso, Italy - was specially dedicated to the Instructors and Masters (4th Degree and above).

From its announcement the seminar became a huge organizational success of ITF. It was prearranged that in the seminar will take part up to 150 participants, however, due to the numerous requests, the number finally increased up to 164. Among the participants were 35 Masters and 129 Instructors from 22 countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Lebanon, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United States of America and Vietnam.

Despite the training or organizational aspects, the get-together of so many high degrees in one place had its social meaning. It has confirmed the opinion, that Taekwon-Do is one big family. Additionally it was nice to see the Masters practicing, as this is the rule in our organization.

The organizer of the seminar was Italian Taekwon-Do ITF Federation. The main organizer on behalf of the federation was Grandmaster Willem Jacob Bos, his wife Mrs. Tiziana Mimmocchi Bos and Master Giovanni Cecconato, former President of FITAE and head of the organizing committee of the upcoming World Championshiops 2015 in Jesolo.

Most of the participants were accommodated in four stars BHR Hotel Treviso and the seminar was held in its conference halls. This fact was positively commented by the participants who were able to go to the room even during the short break in the seminar.

The classes were conducted by the ITF Technical Committee consisted of Grand Masters Hector Marano, Willem Jacob Bos and Ung Kim Lan, and were sometimes very intensive and other times also very entertaining. Every participant could get from the seminar information needed for him. The schedule of the seminar was prepared in a way which allowed the attendees to sightsee among others the historic Venice or nearby Treviso.

Traditionally the organizer has prepared the festive dinner with participation of 142 people.

During the banquet all gathered people could admire the musical skills of Mrs. Barbara Santucci from Italy, the current Vice-European Champion in 4th-6th degree pattern, who also attended the seminar.

The contestants were under the impression of Mr. Alberto Vio – 1st Degree from Italy, who as a magician has presented some magical illusions, where in one of them he bisected his assistant.

Moved by the unique atmosphere of the evening the participants joined spontaneously the amusement. A musical and break dance performance was presented by Master Raymond Gayl – 8th Degree from England. He was followed by Master Ruben Suarez – 8th Degree from the US who danced for the audience. Traditionally, Mr. Stefano Minotti – 6th Degree from Italy sang “O solo mio”. The entertainment was completed by the excellent Italian food.

The seminar was of course an opportunity to pass the grading for higher ranks.

On Friday November 14th, 2014 seven people took the exam before the ITF Technical Committee:

  1. Master Juan Ferrando (Spain) was promoted to 8th Degree
  2. Master Coos Van de Heuvel (Netherlands) was promoted to 8th Degree
  3. Master Jose Ramon Viudes (Spain) was promoted to 8th Degree
  4. Master Oscar Peres (US) was promoted to 7th Degree
  5. Master Ramon Carbonell (Puerto Rico) was promoted to 7th Degree
  6. Master Jacek Łuniewski (Poland) was promoted to 7th Degree
  7. Mr. Jan Creslovnik (Slovenia) was promoted to 6th Degree

On the same day Master Panagiotis Gialamas 8th Degree from Greece conducted an exam and promoted for the 6th degree three people from Russia:

  1. Mr. Vladmir Li – World Champion in 3rd Degree pattern in Argentina 1999
  2. Mr. Youri Kudashov – World Champion in the team special techniques in Sankt Petersburg 1997
  3. Mr. Viacheslav Souslin – a coach of Russia National Team.

On Saturday, November 15th, the examination committee consisted of GM Willem Jacob Bos, Master Govianni Cecconato and Master Gilberto Ruzza promoted also 9 people from Italy:

  1. Rachele Fogli promoted to 6th Degree
  2. Rebecca Fogli promoted to 6th Degree
  3. Emanuele Manno promoted to 6th Degree
  4. Michele Ciamponi promoted to 6th Degree
  5. Stefano Baradel promoted to 6th Degree
  6. Andrea Cendron promoted to 6th Degree
  7. Adriana Riccio promoted to 5th Degree
  8. Nicoletta Pazzaglia promoted to 5th Degree
  9. Pilichi Dimitri promoted to 5th Degree (Mr. Pilichi is currently a resident of Canada will receive the Canadian certificate number).

Below you will find the links to the photos made by Master Jerzy Jedut during the seminar in Treviso:

Seminar gallery part 1
Seminar gallery part 2
Seminar gallery part 3
Banquet gallery

A huge congratulation goes to the organizers for their hospitality, smoothly carrying out of the seminar and well organized banquet.

At the end all attendees received the certificates confirming their participation.

List of the seminar participants:
(164 participants - 35 Masters and 129 Instructors from 22 countries)
  Name Degree Country
  Name Degree Country

The next two International Instructor Courses will be held consecutively the 99th IIC in Norway and the 100th IIC in Scotland.

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