Newsletter Newsletter 1/2015 New Approach For Self-Defence
Newsletter 1/2015
New Approach For Self-Defence
AETF reporter
Norbert Érseki

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I visited the previous Holland Cup, organized by Tim Kool’s Sportschool upon their invitation. At that time the AETF Reporter position was quite new for me, so I had just started building relations by that time. I had contacted Flip Kneppers, who is responsible for PR in the Netherlands if there was anything interesting going on in their country. He wanted to introduce me to Robert Boer, who started the so-called RADIX program with his friend from Norway, Roy Rolstad. I did not have the time to prepare for the interview, but then Mr. Kneppers reassured me that I should not worry: when it comes to self-defence, Robert can talk endless long hours.

He was right.

This article is the first part of a two-part series about RADIX project.

Mr Robert Boer
Photo: Raimon Bjørndalen

Name: Robert Boer
Born in 1965
6th degree ITF Instructor

Trainer and consultant since 1995. Works with teams of professionals in conflict management, non-violent communication and team communication, support and aftercare concerning violent and agressive behaviour. One of the most experienced trainers on the subject aggression-regulation in the Netherlands. Trained and treated hundreds of violent offenders in both open and closed (treatment) settings.

Trainer at the Police Academy: Training, advice and policy support in dealing with violent and agressive behavior in health care, law-enforcement, education, judicial institutions, child welfare, mental health and social work.

Developer of the Wu Wei method: dealing with violent and agressive behaviour for professionals.

Developer of the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. method: Aggression-regulation and moral reasoning for adolescent offenders.

Active in Taekwon-Do and other martial arts since 1977. Headcoach and teammanager National Team, I.T.F. Netherlands 2005 – January 2011. Runs an ITF School in Groningen, Netherlands. Board member I.T.F. Netherlands.



Will be continued…

The next seminar you can meet Robert and Roy is at the RADIX Spring Seminar in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in April.
See the Facebook event for details: or contact Rober Boer or Roy Rolstad.

A nice introduction video is available on vimeo from 2013: .

More about the project: .

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