Newsletter Newsletter 1/2015 Breaking Down Barriers
Newsletter 1/2015
Breaking Down Barriers

Did you ever wonder how to use a calculator in Taekwon-Do classes? What to do in order your young adepts practice hard the whole training session long, while not losing motivation, and then they leave the hall happily and tell everyone around how great time they spend?

If you would like to split your sides from laughing, to have muscles sores in all your body from hard training, but at the same time you would like to find a way to increase motivation by your pupils and make your Taekwon-Do classes more attractive, you should absolutely take part in a seminar about games and plays, organized and conducted by a specialist in this field – Mr. Andrzej Undro – President and Head Coach of Wroclawska Akademia Taekwon-Do, one of the biggest clubs in Poland.

On 20th-21st February 2015 in the Sport Center “Spartan” at Hallera Street in Wroclaw, Mr. Undro – 4th Degree, conducted such a seminar. There were three main subjects:


On Friday Evening and on Saturday, during the 10-hours long training course the coaches and instructors from different schools of Polish Taekwon-Do Association became acquainted with the idea of support the training process.

Mr. Undro presented how to use in a funny and interesting way the products of a daily use, such as: calculators, pillows, toys, foils and many more, in order to enrich the trainings as well as to motivate and vivify better their participants.

During the seminar the instructors learnt over 100 different games and plays, which were divided into following categories:

  1. orientation - order games
  2. running games
  3. jumping games
  4. kicking games
  5. on all fours and to be lying down games
  6. wrestling games
  7. throwing games

The program was divided into four parts. On Friday evening took place the 3-hours long classes. On Saturday the attendees were practicing in another two 3-hours long training units. During the forth, last part, dedicated to marketing matters, Mr. Undro presented to the instructors the ways of cooperation with the clubs.

Mr. Andrzej Undro IV Dan, President and Head Coach of Wroclawska Akademia Taekwon-Do

Author tells about the program in the following way: „TAEKWONDIX® is a set of motivational and educational cards, cards games, logical, board and dice games for the youngest students of Taekwon-Do. This is an alternative for the passive using of free time; it may be used at the camps, trips and other peer or family meetings. The program was established in 1996 and it provides a unique reward for the efforts made by children during the training classes. It is an ennoblement and appreciation of the youngest student. Trainings require from children a great discipline and concentration. The system gives the adepts an opportunity for a smooth transition to those behaviors through the happiness and entertainment. In an easy way it allows also to move ideas, knowledge and values to their family house. The children learn to play games deprived of brutality. It is an art of learning Taekwon-Do in a funny way!”

TAEKWONDIX® presented solutions which increase the interest and engagement of children in Taekwon-Do training while directing the adepts to the side of passion, entertainment and hobby. Through the plays and fun it implements the adepts to learning the general accepted norms, behaviors and interpersonal relationships.

Read more about TAEKWONDIX®

In the seminar in Wrocław took part 21 instructors and coaches.

 # Name & Surname degree club
 # Name & Surname degree club

If you are interested to learn more about the program or establish cooperation within the system we invite to contact directly Mr. Andrzej Undro: e-mail:

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