Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Report Holland Cup 2015
Newsletter 2/2015
Report Holland Cup 2015

For the sixth consecutive time Sportschool Tim Kool organized the tournament with the best reputation in the Netherlands, de Holland Cup, on April 11th and 12th. Like previous years, the tournament would take place in Sports hall “de Viergang”, and was a special edition since it coincided with Taekwon-Do’s 60th anniversary. The organizers Tim Kool (IV), Rory de Vries (IV) and Corine Kool (III) made special plans to celebrate this.

This edition had 582 competitors, over 100 coaches and 125 umpires, coming from 16 different coaches. Present were Japan, Russia, Norway, Sweden, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany, Lebanon, Spain, Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands.

As a novelty, the centre area this year was scored electronically and could be followed through live stream. Over 1500 people logged onto the live stream and watched the Holland Cup from home. With your comments we will surely improve on the next year.

At some points it seemed that the actual preparations for the Holland Cup take more time than the event itself. Therefore, for most people the tournament started on Friday April 10th. All our volunteers started transporting everything from our storage to the hall. Building up the hall could not start before 23:00, however we managed to finish at 02:30. At the same time Rory and Corine were performing registration and weigh-in from almost all foreign competitors. This saves a lot of time on Saturday morning, and is also an extra service for all our foreign competitors.

Saturday April 11th was the first tournament day, traditionally blue belt and up competitors compete in the categories (team) pattern, (team) sparring and pre-arranged free sparring. With this amount of competitors it remains a challenge to run all categories in a single day. In a last-minutes decision, the organizing committee decided to run 8 areas. Even tough it was long day, all individual events and pre-arranged free sparring finished before 18:00.

During the afternoon a special guest of this edition of the Holland Cup arrived. All areas were stopped to pay respects to Grand Master Bos and his wife Tiziana. They decided to pay this edition of the Holland Cup a visit and celebrate Taekwon-Do’s 60th birthday with us.

Many former and current World en European champions performed on Saturday, making the tournament worthwhile for the competitors and spectators. With the World Championships in Jesolo in sight, many competitors visited the Holland Cup to compete at an international level with high-level competitors. In the end Johann de Silva with his team Warrior, England won overall champion trophy of the day.

The Holland Cup doesn’t stop at the end of the first day. In the evening we celebrated Taekwon-Do’s 60th birthday with 100 guests, together with GM Bos and Tiziana. After that we continued onto the afterparty, ending the day at 02:30, almost time to start the Sunday event.

On the Sunday all B-class competitors traditionally compete. The organizing committee decided to open with a special event. A speech by GM Bos followed by an international team event between England and the Netherlands. This team event was an additional chance for members of both national teams to compete in an international atmosphere at a high level. The teams looked very professional, wearing hoodies sponsored by “Printstation”. The team event was an excellent chance for all youth to look at international level Taekwon-Do. After 45 minutes, team Netherlands won by one point, but the friendly atmosphere and chance for preparation for both teams was more important than the result. After the team event, all B-class competitors competed in the categories pattern and sparring.

The second day ran smoothly, and finished at 14:30. Everybody was very content about how smooth the tournament ran. The second day overall champion trophy was won by Vincent Vrijsen from “van Buel sports” from the Netherlands. After clearing the hall, we had a dinner with all volunteers to celebrate a successful event.

We can proudly say that the Holland Cup again managed to defend its name as one of the best organized tournaments of Europe. All questionnaires have been sent, and with a little bit of help from coaches and competitors we will even try to improve further in the 2016 edition. We would like to thank everybody for contributing to the 2016 edition of the Holland Cup and hope to see you again in 2017!

Tim Kool (IV)
Rory de Vries (IV)
Corine Kool (III)
Patrick den Hoed (V)

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