Newsletter Newsletter 2/2016 Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award
Newsletter 2/2016
Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award

On Sunday 24th April Mr Philip Lear travelled up to Burton on Trent in Staffordshire, England for the Martial Arts Illustrated (MAI) Black Belt Hall of Fame awards.

Mr Lear is now in his 20th year of running Vision Taekwon-Do in England after returning from training in Malaysia under his instructor Master Tan Eng Kiat. He was nominated for the award from Martial Arts Illustrated which is the longest serving Martial Arts magazine in the UK spanning 3 decades.

The awards ceremony took place at the National Brewery Centre in Burton on Trent with in excess of 400 people from the world of Martial Arts present including Mr Lear’s old England team mate and now famous actor Mr Silvio Simac (aka Joe Maska). He was presented with a plaque and belt by the editor of MAI magazine Mr Bob Sykes and inducted into the MAI Black Belt Hall of Fame for all the work he has done in the last 20 years for Taekwon-Do in the UK including producing many European and World Champions, organising the World Cup in 2012 and his own personal achievements as a competitor.

In his speech Mr Lear thanked his wife Ellie for all her support over the years and also thanked the boy who bullied him at the age of 15yrs back in the 80's, without whom he would not have got involved in the Martial Arts. Through that experience he dedicated his life to helping others overcome their fears and to reach their potential, inspiring children and adults alike to be strong against adversity.

Mr Philip Lear said “it's an honour to be recognised outside of the Taekwon-Do community with numerous other of the best Martial Arts coaches in the country present, there are many others who deserve the same accolade for what they have done in Taekwon-Do in the UK and I sincerely hope they will also get the recognition they deserve”.

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