Newsletter Newsletter 2/2017 Report from IIC in Veroia 04.2017

Newsletter 2/2017
Report from IIC in Veroia 04.2017

The 117th IIC was held in Veroia, Imathia, 28-30 April 2017, at the Philippeio Athletic Stadium. The IIC organized by the International Federation with cooperation with the Hellenic Federation and the KAPA of the Municipality of Veroia.

The participants from the countries members were: Germany, Cyprus, Russia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Argentina, New Zealand.

From the Hellenic side, the Hellenic Athletic Clubs that participated were the following: Imathias, El-Lin, Machitis, Orion Velestino, Aristotelis, Skopelos, Macedonia, N. Makris, Diagoras, Naoussa, Elefsina, Ierapetra, Leonidas, Hermes and Analipsis.

110 participants and Grandmasters Hector Marano (Argentina), Ung Kim Lan (Germany) and Mst. Paul Mc Phail (New Zealand) instructor to the IIC. During the seminar, Grandmaster Paul Weiler, fisrt Vice President of the International Federation, attended the event as an official guest.

The program of the seminar lasted three days with practice and theory, leaving the best impression on participants at all levels.

Officials from the member countries were as follows: President of the Russian Federation and member of the Board of Directors of the International Federation Mst. Lazaros Tsilfidis, President of the Bulgarian Federation Venchislav Ignatov and C.G. Mr. Yavor Tasev, President of the Cyprus Federation Mr. Alexandros Naziris, Member of the Board of Directors Of the Slovenian Federation Hasan Ibric, Member of the Board of Directors Hungarian federation Peter Szasz, Moldovan board member Ion Postou and C.G. Of the Israel federation Mr. Leonardo Oros Duek.

The international federation had the competence and control of technical content, while the Hellenic Federation had the responsibility of hosting compliance with the protocol of international competitions.

During the seminar, views were exchanged on the course of the sport at national and international level. In IIC there were two members of the board of the International Federation GM Weiler, Mst. Tsilfidis, three members of the Technical Committee GM Marano, GM Lan and Mst Mc Phail.

On Saturday 29th , the banquet was held at the Hotel Veriopolis. The officials of the IIC, delegations and local authorities were attending.

During the seminar and after the examination process Mr. Pantazis Kostas from Athens was promoted to Master 7th degree.

The organizing committee was GM Panagiotis Gialamas, EOMT President, Mr. Anastasios Papadopoulos, Secretary Gen. and Mr. Konstantinos Tzikalayias Chairman od the D.C. The local Athletic Club of Imathias helped the organization.

The Board of Directors of E.OM.T. thanks the Municipality of Veroia and the Prefecture of Imathia for the organization also KAPA of Veroia and Philippeion Stadium for their contribution and solid support, Stadio's staff, the officials attending the reception, The Hellenic clubs and all the educational staff, the Board of Directors of E.OM.T. and the Technical Committee.

For the O.C.
GM Pan Gialamas

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