Hall Of Fame - Masters

Interview with Master Kenneth Wheatley

Master Kenneth Wheatley began training in Taekwon-Do in 1979
7th Degree Master
President of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association (ITA)

Interview with Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg

Date of birth: 16 July 1950
Marital status: Married with Liliana C. Ferreiro
Children: 3 sons: Alejandro, Luciano and Kevin
Place of residence: Juramento, Argentina

Interview with Master Per Andresen

Date of birth: 5 October 1960
Marital status: Married with Antonie Capelen (I Dan, silver winner in patterns during World Champs 1988 in Budapest).
Children: Two sons
Degree: VII Dan (started to train ITF Taekwon-Do in 1976)
Education: Lawyer from the University in Bergen
Place of residence Trondheim, Norway

Interview with Master Paul Weiler

Date of birth: 7 July 1953
Marital status: Married
Children: Two sons
Degree: VII Dan
Place of residence Koln, Germany

Interview with Master Pablo Trajtenberg - ITF Vicepresident Senior

Date of birth: 16th July 1950
Wife: Liliana Ferreiro
Children: Alejandro, Luciano, Kevin
Degree: I started Taekwon-do in 1968 and became 4th degree in 1979 - now 8th.
Instructor: Nam So Choi, 4th degree
Place of residence Capital Federal Buenos Aires
Occupation: Full-time instructor

Interview with Master Tom MacCallum - Secretary General of ITF

Age: Master Tom MacCallum was born Edinburgh, Scotland in 1942.
Marital status: Married with a wife (Morag) and two sons (Ruaridh and Struan).
Degree: Started TKD training in 1969 in Singapore and achieved 1st Dan in July 1971. Now is an VIIIth. Dan.
Details: Was National Secretary for the I.T.F. in UK from 1975 until 1985 and at that time was the instructor for 3 TKD schools of his own. Secretary of the A.E.T.F. from its founding in June 1979 until 1985. In 1985 became the Under Secretary General of the I.T.F.

Master Trần Triệu Quân - ITF President

Age: Master Trần Triệu Quân was born in Hanoi, Viet Nam, in 1952.
Country: Since 1970 he lives and works in Canada
Marital status: Trần is married to My Nguyen Trần; their children are Joliette, Cilia, and Nicholas.