19th Christmas Cup of Taekwon-Do in Republic of Belarus
  27th Nov 2018

INVITATION on stating of 19th Christmas Cup of Taekwon-Do (ITF) Republic of Belarus

Date of the event: 15-16th of December 2018
The address of the event: Minsk
Sport Palace “Uruchcha”, Nezavisimosti avenue 196
Tel.+375 29 199 98 74;
ijiChief referee Petros Mikelyan Konstantinovich 5 dan international referee ITF
Secretary Rodchenko E.G.
The registration of the competitors is carried out on the website:

In sparring section for 6-7 year-old and 8-9 year-old the competition is held in groups of 4 (Round)
10-11 year-old and 12-13 year-old (repossage/round)
14-17 year-old , 18 year-old and above (repossage/round)
Power Test ( sonkal terigi + dollio chagi) for 6-7 year-old, 8-9 year-old, 10-11 year-old,12-13 year-old, 14-17 year-old,18-36 year-old

All participants should have the form and standard-issue ITF equipment

9:00 juniors 14-17 year-old, adults 18+
12:00 cadets 12-13 year-old
15:00 Official opening

9:00 children 6-7 year-old
12:00 children 8-9 year-old

All the competitors must have uniform (DOBOK) ITF
- Fighter open gloves (ITF)
- Foots (foot protection) with closed heel
- Bandage (groin protection)
- HELMET – head protection
- Mouth guard

For participation it is necessary to provide:
Optional contribution from every competitor – 20 euro
the identity card of athletes (passport, birth certificate, medical authorization)
an application signed by an adult athlete or a parent of athletes under the age of 18 years old on the consent to participate in the competitions with the signature of the coach on the technical readiness of the athletes:
- The teams with 1 to 10 athletes are required to provide 1 judge (11 or more athletes 2 judges). Org. committee pays accommodation of judge, judges should have the appropriate qualifications,
- the registration of athletes is open until 12.12.2018 at 23:00. After registration is closed, adding, removing, and also transferring of the athletes to another age group or other weight category is not allowed!
- Notice: The responsibility for the health of the participant's athlete is borne by the guidance of the team for which the athlete acts.

The registration of the competitors is carried out on the website:

Regarding the accommodation appeal to the arg. Committee +375291999874 Pronevich Oleg Yuryevich

There are the hostels from 10 euro per night

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