20 Years Anniversary in AST Moldova
  27th Jul 2020

The Public Association "Taekwon-do Sporstmen Association (A.S.T.)" of the Republic of Moldova was founded on July 31, 2000, when the current of martial arts was rapidly growing. From the beginning, the Association aimed to develop and promote a healthy lifestyle through the culture and philosophy of Taekwon-do ITF.

Throughout the years of activity, under the auspices of the Association, numerous events were organized and attended by several clubs, sports teams from many regions of the Republic of Moldova. The association has always tended to organize events to cover a wide variety of people of all ages. These include championships, national cups, training seminars in all departments and, last but not least, outdoor summer camps. Therefore, it was possible to create a community that cares a lot about its athletes and that keeps in touch with all members.

Over the years we have managed to cultivate in our athletes the principles of ITF Taekwon-do that have shaped them as personalities. Our performance athletes participated in championships, European and world cups, and the experience gained was shared with the team at national level.

Regardless of the pandemic situation in the world, the activity of the Association is not disrupted, and in 2020 of its existence, the team is more than ever motivated to achieve its goals.

Board of Directors
President, Master VII DAN, Victor Morozan