2020 Annual General Meeting of ITF Scotland
  16th Jan 2020

The 2020 Annual General Meeting of ITF Scotland was held on Sunday 13th January, at the Hilcroft Hotel, Whitburn.

39 plaque holders attended the meeting, which was opened by Mr. Adam Paterson, Chairman of ITFS, after welcoming everyone, he highlighted some of the important points over the past year, none more so than First Honourable Grand Master MacCallum being bestowed the prestigious title at the ITF Congress in April. As well as congratulating a number of seniors who promoted throughout the past year, including Scotland's newest 7th Degree, Master Garry Shaw. 

Recognition and congratulationswere also expressed to those who represented their clubs on the competition front, at both national, and international level, with special mention to those in the national team, as well as their coaches, and especially to the umpires who give up their time to umpire and officiate at ITFS and international events. Congratulations were expressed to all medal winners at the World and European Championships in 2019, with special mention for Miss. Katrina Carr (ITF World Champion 2019 - Sparring) and Jemma Swinburne (AETF European Champion 2019 - Pattern).

In March 2019 a new board was elected and have since worked hard on planning and developing operating and budgeting procedures, to improve the stability of ITFS, with dynamic new visions for courses and development groups to allow ITF Scotland members to flourish. 2019 saw funding being given to the national team benefitting all competitors who attended the European Championships. Into the coming year it planned that further investment will be given not only to our competitors, but into developing our national umpires also. The first national umpire course since 2016 will be held in February prior to the national championships later in the month.

Mr. Paterson closed with his hopes that 2020 will be the year of growth for Taekwon-Do in Scotland.

Following on the secretary; Mrs. McIlvaney spoke further and gave a full report of the promotions, national and international events of 2019, and outlined some of the board’s visions for the next two years.

Mr. Dickson, ITF Treasurer gave an outline of the financial report for 2018/2019, and analysis on the past 12 month’s income and expenditure. He further noted the financial plans and budget for the next year.

Master Denholm was invited to give report on behalf of the national team management on theirs and the teams activities, with mention of the recent European Championships, as well as current and planned national team training sessions on the lead up to the 2020 European Championships.

Mrs. Wilson, Director responsible for PVG, outlined the processes of making PVG applications with Disclosure Scotland, and answered a few questions. She also expressed thanks and noted a significant uptake in applications in recent months.

After the reports from 2019, the board presented future business and development items, starting with the standing committees that will be introduced, and applications set to be sent out in the coming weeks. The planned introduction of a new Inclusion Committee, which follows the lead of the ITF. Mr. Paterson made mention of the use of online forums to better utilise the experience all members and instructors have and can share to better develop ideas and knowledge between instructors. It is hoped that the new committees can introduce this along with the board.

To round off the meeting the board introduced the new selection process for European & World Championships, which will now take the form of a points-based accumulation at approved national tournaments. The first of these being the National Championships in February, which will count towards selection for 2021. This was well received from the memberships as a positive step toward building stronger foundations for current and future competitors. Mrs. McIlvaney explained that confirmation of the events that will be ranking tournaments will be forwarded to the members in the coming weeks. Records will be kept on ITFS website of the competitors ranked standings.

In closing, certificates were presented by First Honourable Grand Master MacCallum to those present who promoted to 4th Degree and higher at the end of 2019; Mrs. Jackie Timoney VI, Mr. Ross Penman IV and Mr. Brian Anderson IV. 

In conclusion, over the past year, the development in Scotland has taken many positive steps forward, all of which we hope can be built on over the next 12 months, with all instructors and seniors coming together for the betterment of Taekwon-Do in Scotland.

The board would like to thank everyone for their attendance at the AGM, and look forward to seeing all at the first course of 2020; the national umpire course on 8th February.

Report: Mrs G. McIlvaney
Secretary General ITF Scotland
Mrs. Gillian McIlvaney
Secretary General
For and on behalf of ITF Scotland