23rd Central Summer TKD Camp - Report
  15th Sep 2018

23rd edition of Central Summer Taekwon-Do Camp, which took place in the term from 6th to 15th July 2018 in Biała Podlaska, Poland, has the same principles as all previous camps.

The main idea was to provide participants the most updated knowledge on the subject of methodology of Taekwon-Do training, to standardize of performed techniques and to provide a possibility to compare the skills with other competitors, also those with high sport achievements.

The location of the camp in the sport facilities of the Faculty of Physical Education in Biala Podlaska guaranteed very good educational conditions. The no-limit access to specialist sport halls of different sizes, sport facilities necessary to develop physical fitness among others full size athletics stadium, different squares for team games, the gym, or other relax facilities such as swimming pool, sauna accessible 24 hours a day as well as the accommodation in the comfortable, situated close to the venue students dormitories, affected the quality of training process. In the camp’s reception office, which was opened from 8.00 till 24.00, next to the organizational matters, were led many endless discussions by a cup of tea or coffee. Also the Internet access was a great convenience for all guests.

Therefore it is not surprising, that above mentioned advantages together with a very attractive price of the central summer camp had impact on the numerous participation of attendees from 12 countries: England, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Sweden and Poland. The native clubs were represented by competitors from 21 schools: Bartoszycka Szkoła Taekwon-Do, Bełchatowska Akademia Taekwon-Do, Klub Sportowy Taekwon in Bielkówko (former KST Kolbudy), Częstochowska Akademia Taekwon-Do, KS Neptun Gdańsk, Gdyński Klub Sportowy Posejdon, KS Dragon Janów, LSKT Lublin, MKS Lewart AGS Lubartów, Centrum TKD Łódź, Klub Taekwon-Do Tradycyjnego w Łodzi, Poznański Sportowy Klub Taekwon-Do, Radzyńskie Sportowe Centrum Taekwon-Do, Rzeszowski Klub Taekwon-Do, Wrocławski Sportowy Klub Taekwon-Do, TKKF Taekwon Mokotów Warszawa, Instytut Taekwon-Do Kwon Warszawa, KWSW Taewo Warszawa, KS Respekt, UKS TKD ITF SP nr 6 Lublin, Centrum Taekwon-Do ITF in Wroclaw. Also the competitors who practice Taekwon-Do on a daily basis in Biała Podlaska, participated in many training session of the camp.

In total 170 people attended the camp. The most numerous group were black belt holders. Master Jerzy Jedut, Master Tadeusz Loboda, Master Jarosław Suska and Mr. Robert Jasinski took care for the newest knowledge and solutions. As every year also the yoga classes with Mr. Jerzy Kozlowski – 2nd Degree, one of the precursors of Taekwon-Do in Poland, were very popular. The participants enjoyed well-liked individual classes with masters too. Next to the well-known training staff, present were also titled competitors and instructors among them two Masters: Slavko Jereb from Croatia and Alexandru Muresan from Romania.

Not only in Taekwon-Do were absorbed the participants of the camp. Those who came here for the first time, used to possibility to join the excursions around Biała Podlaska, to the well-know stud in Janow Podlaski, to Lublin and to Warsaw. The attendants praised all the tours, but one of them to Warsaw felt specially into memory, because it was an opportunity to see the changing of the guard by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier located at Pilsudski Square, to play in the Copernicus Science Centre or to sight see the Warsaw Old Town, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, completely destroyed by the Germans during the Second World War and carefully rebuilt by the Warsaw inhabitants right after it.

Every participants of the camp received a commemorative t-shirt.

Some of the participants use the visit in Poland to buy the sport equipment, among others high quality Bushi shields in very attractive prices. As every year during the camp the companies which are selling the equipment or sport wear had their stands during the camp.

The character of the camp is mostly made by the specialist training. Beside the happy tiredness after the training sessions there were no any injuries. The weather was very conducive and all those present in Biala Podlaska could enjoy the rest outside in the sun. The above mentioned Master Slavko Jereb from Croatia who came to Biała Podlaska for the first time, stated that from a very long time he looked for a real Taekwon-Do camp, and the one in Poland exceeded much more his expectations.

The competitors integrated with each other also during the disco. Due to the fact that the camp was organized in the term of FIFA World Cup Finals in football, many of participants cheered the teams from Croatia, England and Belgium together with the camp attendees from those countries. Especially the Croatian National Team was liked by those watching the championships.

The summer camp was very intensive and ended too quickly. All participants were surprised that they already have to go home. Many of them promised to visit the next central summer Taekwon-Do Camp in one year.

We invite you to see a short footage prepared by one of the participants Mr. Sergei Zuenkov from Russia:

Here you will also find the photo gallery from official photo session of the camp:

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