25th September - European Coaches Day
  25th Sep 2021

On Saturday 25th September we celebrate European Coaches Day. This is an opportunity to give recognition to coaches and instructors for the invaluable work they do, and have always done in support of students and athletes.

International Taekwon-Do Federation in conjunction with the International Council for Coaching Excellence, will be working to gain the support of the United Nations to establish September 25th as an official International Coaches Day worldwide.

To learn more about this idea of European Coaches Day, we invite you to watch the footage prepared by ITF Coaches Committee and presented by Sbn. Adrian Byrne - Chair and Sbn. Luciano Iriarte Member of the Committee with explenation about the idea of this project.

"We play our part in several ways. First by engaging with the spirit of the day and celebrating the work and influence of our own instructors and coaches. We do this by making small gestures; a thank you card, message, picture or video expressing our gratitude. We share this with the wider world and impact the progress of the International Coaches Day project by sharing images, videos, stories and captions on social media with the hashtags #thankscoach and #itfcoach.

So we encourage you to reflect on your personal journey in Taekwon-Do and on Saturday 25th September say #thankscoach to your own instructor or coach and share the respect."

Join the action and #thankscoach.