3rd International Taekwon-Do ITF Sardinia Open 2023
  26th Jun 2023

The third edition of the Sardinia Open was held on Saturday 10 June in the city of Capoterra (Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy).

A highly anticipated event, suspended in recent years due to the pandemic, organized by the Taekwon-Do Sardinia school led by the Farigu- Oriolani Team of the FITAE-ITF Federation.

The competition took place on 4 rings, with one of these elevated and electronic systems for all specialties. Throughout the event there was a nice atmosphere with great sportsmanship from all the teams.

Sabum Mikhail Voronstov directed the competition Through the platform HandleSport, taking care of the draws and of the electronic system, making sure that the competition ended at 7pm as planned.

300 athletes from 6 nations (England, Norway, Spain, Argentina, Bulgaria and Italy) were present. Numerous high-level matches thanks to the presence of the Italian national team and champions like Izzy Brider, Doiel Duran, Brian Mutri, Aldana Bordiez, Bianca Bordiez, Guillermina Barat..

Several well known coaches such as Master De Silva, Master Bordiez, Master Alemanno,Master Saccomanno, Master Cammarota, Master De Lucia, Sabum Oyarzo, Sabum Luraschi.

The morning was dedicated to black belts, at 13.00 the opening ceremony and in the afternoon all tatamis were for the colored belts. The event ended with the black belt team fight gala, "Round Robin" mode.

During the opening ceremony Master Oriolani and Sabum Farigu introduced and thanked those present, in particular:

  • The municipality of Capoterra and the Councilor for Sport, Giovanni Montis
  • The provincial president of the ASI sports promotion, Corrado Pani
  • The technical director FITAE-itf, Grand Master Wim Bos
  • Tiziana Mimmocchi and Master Maragoni, members of the FITAE board
  • The representatives of the 27 participating delegations
  • The staff and the black belts competitors of the Tkd Sardegna team who collaborated for the success of the event. In particular, the international competitors who took part in the last European Championship in Romania and in the Pan-American Championship awarded all the children present.  

The ceremony ended with the arrival of the event mascots.

The work done by the referee team was fundamental, including some international representatives such as Master Maragoni, Master Denei, Gustavo Medina (Argentina), Esther Altabs (Spain), Aleksandra Slavcheva (Bulgaria). A big thank you to all the referees and assistant referees present for their tireless work.

It was a pleasure and an honor to receive and share a weekend dedicated to ITF Taekwon-Do with all those present, creating one of the most beautiful events in Italy.

Thanks to all the ITF family for supporting and participating in this event.

Silvia Farigu & Christian Oriolani