„Mightyfist” International Gen. CHOI TKD ITF Memorial Cup
  18th Jul 2019
On June 20th in Oradea, Romania 3rd „Mightyfist” International Gen. CHOI Taekwon-do ITF Memorial Cup was being held in “Antonio Alexe” Arena.

With 386 participants from Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania, the competition was open to coloured and black belts.

In memory of our Founder,

Gen. Choi Hong Hi

The first day of the competition was dedicated to juniors III and II divisions. 230 competitors showed their skills in patterns, sparring, special techniques and power breaking (dynamometer device).

The day ended with a special ceremony and galas for the most spectacular matches, self-defence and power breaking demonstrations.

President Cosmin Oprescu took the opportunity to congratulate all the participants, thanking our guests and friends from Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia for their involvement in this event.

“Doesn’t​ matter if you have lost or won, your coach will always be there for you!”​ - The​ TKD Reporters

We invite you to take a look at the photo gallery on Facebook profile of TKD Reporters, made by Mr Norbert Erseki: 

Day 1

Day 2

Kindest regards,

Cristian Popa
Federal Secretary
Registration Committee Chairman
Romanian Taekwon-do ITF Federation