Acting president new year message for 2021!
  29th Dec 2020

First of all, I wish you all a happy and healthy 2021

We are facing a new year and if we look back on 2020, It was not the year we expected.

The pandemic, which is still not defeated, created a worldwide catastrophe on a personal and economic level.

Complete lockdowns in countries with the consequences that, Taekwon-do classes-seminars- championships where cancelled or postponed. The board had to make for the first time in AETF history these difficult decisions. The first was the cancelling the European championship in Slovakia. We realised this had a big impact with financial consequences, as flight tickets and hotels were already booked and paid for. But of course, the health of our members and their families were a priority and all flights were also cancelled throughout Europe.

I like to thank the Slovakia Organising committee for all the effort and time to negotiate with the hotels to refund the money to the countries. In this moment almost every country has received their money or part of, only a few are still waiting for a final payment from the hotels.

Almost all open championships organised by every active NGB in the AETF were cancelled. The World Cup in Koper has been postponed until 2022, even though it was not a AETF event, but all European countries had plans to participate, the expectation was the biggest ever Championships in the ITF.

The good thing was that new ways of conducting trainings where developed, and meetings by Zoom where used. Of course it never can replace real contact with instructors and members. But technology helps a little to make the distance closer.

The main goal was to keep on training, stay in shape and motivated. Luckily Master Vones made it possible that we had the first ITF E Tournament and because of his commitment and perseverance, together with the ITF Tournament and Umpire committees it was a big success. Of course, with the dedication of all referees who worked for 3 weeks to make the tournament successful. Thank you all.

Now we stand at the beginning of a new year and of course we all have the trust and confidence in the new vaccine but still there is time to go before everything is normal again, especially the first 6 mounts of the year. We hope you all still understand and accept the difficult decisions made by the board for everybody’s interest.

We already focus on a time after this pandemic and it makes me happy, thinking that we will meet again and we all can, coach, compete, meet and socialise.

Once again I wish you all a happy and healthy 2021, and take care of your family and loved ones.

Master Coos van den Heuvel
AETF Acting president