Activity Report - Slovenia
  4th Mar 2022

In the Hrusevec sports hall in Sentjur, on February 19, the first competition in Taekwon-Do Children's 4E-l<ick was organized by the Taekwon-Do club Ahac and the Taekwon-Do association of Slovenia for children's age groups year 2009/2010; 2011/2012; 2013/2014; 2015/2016.

Thecompetition was attended by 154 children from 11 clubs of the ITF non-Olympic style and the WT Olympic style.

The competition was held in a relaxed and friendly spirit. Thesystem of contactless competition developes a healthy competitive spirit at a young age, with an emphasis on the socialization of the youngest in the sports environment.

The principle of the competition is tournament by adding up the points of each tournament. In 2022, fourtourna­ ments are planned. Each competitor in each tournament receives a commemorative medal for the best in groups of trophies, in the final tournament according to the rankign 2022 the best receive trophies for the winners.

The ranking scale has been created on the website of the Taekwon-do Association of Slovenia at the link and willbe updated after each tournament.

In accordance with the development strategy, the Taekwon-do  Association of Slovenia started to bring Taekwon­ Do closer to the youngest participants through games and without contac . It is for this reason that we organize training andlicensing seminars for coaches every year, who must take over the development from the lowest organizational club level to the association. The Secretary General always emphasizes "sport is not just one industry, sport is everything, in us and around us".

Schedule of children's scoring compe­ titions in 2022:

First round:

19. February 2022 in Sentjur - concluded

Second round:

14. May 2022 in Radovljica

Third round:

24. September 2022 in Celje

Fourth round:

17. December 2022 in Sentjur- FINALS