AETF Tournament and Umpire Committee first meeting
  4th Feb 2022

AETF Tournament and Umpire Committee first meeting

On February 3, 2022 was held the first meeting of the newly elected AETF Tournament and Umire Committee organized by the President Master Leo Oros Duek. This event was conducted via Zoom application with the presence also of Master Alexander Dunbar (Chairman of the Committee), GM James Tjin-A-Ton (Member), Mr. Attila Solti (Member), Master Stefano Minotti (Collaborator) and Mr. Yavor Tasev - AETF Secretary General. Unfortunately Mr. Petros Mikaelian (Collaborator) could not join this meeting.

Master Leo Oros Duek started with Powerpoint presentation which included the main goals of the Committee for the term 2020-2025. It was agreed AETF to organize Umpire seminars in cooperation with ITF in both ways - vis-a-vis or virtual, through Zoom application and was discussed the possibility to grant Umpire Classes C and D.

A lot of comments was made also regarding the upcoming European Championships in Croatia and European Open Cup in Italy, especially on improving some imperfections from previous competitions - tatamis, power test and special techniques machines etc.

Everybody expressed their will and readiness to provide the best service as high level qualified Umpire Team to all participants in the most significant Taekwon-Do events in Europe.