AETF Voting Guideline 2020
  7th Feb 2020

Dear AETF Members, Dear Presidents and Friends, 

All Europe Taekwon-do Federation would like to inform that the AETF Voting Congress will take place on 29th April 2020 at 19.00 in Hotel Tatra in Bratislava, Slovakia, where we will elect the officers of the AETF Board of Directors and AETF Revisory Committe for the next term 2020-2024.

Below you will find the Election Guidelines for the AETF Voting Congress. 

  1. The AETF Voting Congress have the rights to participate with two delegates of each AETF Country Member who are in possession of the authority signed by the National President of their member country in order to have a vote (authority -  see the attachment).
  2. The President of the National Association or the person clearly indicated to have the  authority has the right to vote (only one person). 
  3. Candidates for the Board of Directors must be submitted with the procedure and format stipulated in the Constitution (with a clear indication of which position they wish to candidate for). 
  4. The candidates for re-election must be submitted in accordance with the procedure and format stipulated in the Constitution.
  5. The AETF President and the Vice-President will be elected separately.
  6. The Secretary General will be proposed by the President and ratified by the Congress. 
  7. The candidates for the Revisory Commission must be presented in accordance with the procedure and format stipulated in the Constitution.
  8. Based on Art. 61 of the AETF Constitution with the exception of the President, no two members from the same country will be allowed to serve on the Board of Directors during the same term. If there will be two or more candidates from the same country that met the procedure under Art. 60 of the constitution and all of them receive enough votes entitling them to be elected to the Board, only the person with the highest number of votes will be chosen to the Board and this will also apply in the case where there are not sufficient Board members from other countries. 
  9. The applications of the candidates in the format stipulated in the Constitution must be sent to the AETF Secretary General before **8th March 2020 at 23:00 CET**.
  10. The AETF Constitution does not contain the possibility for the candidature of the President, Vice-President, Board members or Members of the Revisory Board to be submitted during the AETF Voting Congress. However, if there are no candidates submitted in writing for the positions of  President, Vice-President, members of the Revisory Board and in the case where there are less than six candidatures for the Board Members, then it will be allowed to put forward candidatures during the AETF Voting Congress according to a specific procedure to be published at the latest 24 hours before the opening of the Congress.
  11. All candidates must be present at the Congress.
  12. All AETF member countries must have paid all payments from last four year (last cadence) of the annual fees in order to have voting rights.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,

Master Jerzy Jedut
AETF Secretary General 

Master Coos van den Heuvel
AETF Acting President

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