AETF Women Committee needs your feedback
  15th Jan 2024

The AETF Women Committee is launching its third survey, open to all female European practitioners. We kindly invite all girls and women, of all ages, to complete the survey before the end of January:

Please feel free to inform us on which barriers may keep you away from the Dojang, from seminars & courses or from competition. You can take this 3rd AETF Women Committee Survey anonymous. 

We would love to hear what may keep you away from certain activities, events or simply the regular classes at the Dojang, we want to know if you feel 'safe', whether you are a teenager or adolescent, a young(er) adult, a middle-aged woman or if you are somewhat 'older'. White belt, Boosabum, Master...., competitor, referee, instructor, student? We'd love to receive your feedback, February 1st latest.

After analysis of the results we will try to give you information, formulate advises to the Board or other committees and do whatever lays within our possibilities to make sure these 'barriers' are no longer keeping you from doing what you like or want.

Barriers are issues, be it smaller or bigger, that are keeping you from doing what you'd like to do, just for a moment, or for a longer time, sometimes even forever. There should never be any boundaries... there may be hurdles to take, but you should always be in the possibility to pursue your goals and do the things you want to do.

Examples of possible barriers? Age, physical condition, the monthly period, a lack of female partners during class, a lack of time, too many other responsibilities, a lack of role models, a lack of self-confidence and so on.

The AETF Women Committee needs your feedback to help you overcome the boundaries!