All Russia TKD seminar with Master Van de Mortel
  17th Oct 2018

The all Russia seminar is an opportunity to practice together for competitors, instructors, Masters and ordinary students our art. Once a year we stand all together in the line and share our passion together, regardless of our status in the federation. During the All Russia Taekwon-Do seminar You can feel the spirit of unity and cohesion everywhere. The seminar is an endless source of motivation and inspiration

15-16 of September 2018 606 participants from 39 Russia Districts and 5 countries came together to learn, practice and enjoy our art under the leadership of Master Willy Van de Mortel.

This superb seminar ended with degree examinations for 74 candidates

I degree - 10 persons., II degree - persons., III degree - 33 persons., IV degree - 13 чел persons., V degree - 5 persons, VI degree - 5 persons

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Tsilfidis Lazaros