ANDORRA makes its presentation in partnership with a memorable IIC
  19th Dec 2021

After almost four years of intense work, the results are beginning to show up. On December 10, 11, and 12, 2021, the last IIC of the year was held in the principality of Andorra. Our Association highly anticipated an event since it would not be just another IIC.

He was the emerging team working together with the current president of the AETF, Master Leonardo Oros Duek, and Rodrigo and Mauro García. This IIC, dictated by GM Héctor Marano and Ung Kim Lan, was held at the facilities of the Andorra Sports Palace and allowed us to publicly announce the official confirmation of the TKD ITF as a national sport of our country. The very presence of the Secretary of Sports of the Principality of Andorra, Mr. Justo Ruiz, in presenting the news undoubtedly marks the relevance of the appointment. Without a doubt that the fact of returning to this kind of event after a long virtual period has left us a special satisfaction. Master Leonardo Oros Duek, president of the AETF and head of this IIC, commented: "Without a doubt, it has been an honor to receive the announcement in person by the Secretary of Sports. And a great satisfaction also for having done it in the presence of GM Paul Weiler ITF President and Master Tadeusz Loboda ITF General Secretary " Also present were representatives of Fuji Mae, the official sponsor of the event, who shared their satisfaction with the organizational quality of the IIC. The protocols updated by COVID forced us to receive only 60 participants. Still, 18 countries were present, giving it a color and diversity rarely seen. Andorra, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Slovenia, Spain, United States, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Romania, and Ukraine were protagonists. After the formal greetings, the first day began with a work session led by GM Paul Weiler on physical preparation and conditioning. Next, GM Marano directed the section of shapes of color belts and, as always, answered the different queries that were arising. Next, GM Lan worked on core concepts of personal defense. After lunch, Maestro Fabián Izquierdo developed an introduction to the TKD Kids program. As always, he developed the theoretical aspects of children's didactics and demonstrated with various exercises the importance of the concept of play in learning. And in the same way, how this methodology is applicable and highly positive in adults. The second day began with the warm-up led by Master Virginia DIonisi, a special guest of the technical committee. It then continued with GM Marano reviewing the first dan forms. Next, GM Lan worked on 2 dan and predetermined fight forms. As usual, we were discovering details that enriched the practice. Then GM Marano continued with the 3 and 4 dan forms. Meanwhile, GM Lan and Master Dionisi worked with the 1 and 2 days. In the afternoon, Master Leo Oros Duek, chairman of the Inclusion Committee, developed the central axes of the Adapted Taekwon-Do program.

Although many presents had already completed the whole course, they found many novelties that allowed them to broaden their perspective on the subject. The participation of the Left Master, who collaborated extensively in the writing of the Adapted Taekwon-Do guide for instructors, was crucial. There was an atmosphere of camaraderie at the honor dinner that was missed because of the virtuality. The emotion of the anecdotes and the joy of the reunion was the main seasoning of a memorable night. Master Duek, president of the organizing committee, presented plaques to the ITF authorities, exhibitors and special recognition to Silvina Carasi, unconditional collaborator in any event around the world. On the closing day, GM Marano and GM Lan led the 4, 5, and 6 dan forms while Master Dionisi conducted the activity of the other graduations. In the last segment, Master Andreu Martínez provided an excellent introduction to the Do Course generating significant interest and innumerable questions.

At the end of the working day, the Andorran Sports Secretary was present again, who in brief but consistent words expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the course and congratulated the organizers and participants. In the end, Master Leonardo Oros Duek made a special mention to Master Tadeusz Loboda, who worked intensively providing his strategic-political expertise for the approval of our Association. In the same way, he thanked the efforts of all the participants and stressed the importance of teamwork for the construction of a more solid and participatory ITF.


We are sure that this event will mark the beginning of successful management. Photos, hugs, and new memories were the closing framework of this 151st IIC. From the Andorrense Association of Taekwon-Do, we appreciate the trust and unconditional support of the ITF and the AETF. We hope to continue honoring that trust.
Presidente de la Asociación Andorrense de Taekwon-Do