Biggest IIC ever in Europe has a female touch
  22nd Nov 2023

The IIC in Vienna, November 18th-19th 2023, had a female touch.

First of all, one of the members of the organisation committee was Christina Mechacek. Together with Master Rene Walter and Elmar Kickingereder she did a fantastic job in organizing and coordinating the biggest IIC ever in Europe, with over 500 participants from 33 countries.

Secondly, out of these participants, about 150 women were registered. The female participants were present in such big numbers that is was very difficult to have them all together on picture.

Thirdly, the Austrian Women Committee (Christina Mechacek., Katja Walter and Bernadette McCallum) organised a gathering for the ladies present at the IIC on Saturday evening, an informal evening starting with a tour on the little train around the famous Prater Park to the Kolarik im Prater restaurant, where the women had dinner together and were able to share a nice moment. Among the participants were also Master Virginia Dionisi, Vice-President of AETF, Master Annick Van Driessche, Vice-President of ITF and chair of the AETF Women Committee and Martina Lenhartova, ITF Board Member.