Elections in Romania 2022 - report
  16th Feb 2022

Elections in Romania 2022 - report

On January 21, 2022, elections for the new board of Romanian Taekwon-Do ITF Federation have been held in the city of Hațeg,

Romania. President Cosmin Oprescu has been re-elected for the term 2022-2026.

The elected board members are (from left to right):

Mihai Hondru (6 dan) – board member,

Cristian Popa (4 dan) – secretary,

Alin Lazurca (5 dan) – board member,

Marius Ionicescu (5 dan) – vice-president,

Master Alexandru Mureșan (7 dan) – technical director

Cosmin Oprescu (4 dan) – president

Dan Goron (6 dan) – secretary general

Ciprian Banea (5 dan) – vice-president

Alecsandra Matei (1 dan) – board member

Romeo Petre (3 dan) – board member

Ionuț Lăscău Ionut (3 dan) – board member

With this occasion, the Sporting Club Cristal Hațeg in collaboration with our Federation organized a National Seminar for instructors, coaches and umpires where more than 100 athletes attended, from 4 Gup to 6 Dan.  The Technical Committee formed by Master Alexandru Mureșan, Alin Lazurca and Marius Ionicescu, re-elected for the term 2022-2026, put a lot of energy in teaching everybody new techniques or perfecting the Taekwon-Do skills for instructors.

The Umpires Committee, having as elected Chairperson Mr. Ciprian Banea and members Tibor Fogarassy and Cristian Popa, also worked hard to improve the skills and knowledge of the Romanian referees.



New goals have been set for the development of our martial art in Romania and in the region. We have ambitious plans for this term, to organize an IIC in Cluj-Napoca between 08 and 10 of July 2022, and European Championship in 2023, also in Cluj-Napoca.

This is one of the greatest opportunities to strengthen relationships with Taekwon-do practitioners from all over Europe whom we are warmly inviting them to visit our country.
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