European Championships 2022 Report
  2nd May 2022

The 36th Senior and 27th Junior AETF European Championships was held from 26th April – 1st of May 2022 in Poreč, Croatia. In the competition participated 593 competitors from 28 countries which is huge success after Covid-19 pandemy and facing the most extereme situation in Europe in XXI century. The Championships took place on 6 rings with a team of 50 umpires leaded by AETF T&U Committee.

This was the first big event of the Federation with the new Board of Directors with President Master Leo Oros Duek.

As usual during the European Championships was held also the AETF Congress where all delegates representing 29 countries unanimously voted for Master Tadeusz Loboda to be granted the title AETF Honorary President. Also was delivered presentation for the upcoming XI Open AETF European Cup in Sofia, Bulgaria and was voted the city of Cluj Napoca to host next European Championships on 25-30 April 2023. After the Congress’ adjournment the hosts provided a cocktail where all delegates had the possibility to discuss any matter with the Board members fulfilling one of the key objectives of the new Board to enhace the comunication with all member countries of the Federation as promised during the elections in La Nucia, Spain in 2021. All converastions with countries representatives continued in the sports hall during all days of the competition.

Following all previous activities of the AETF leaders the realization of this event was big success in every aspect including accommodation facilities, venue, security, care for sponsors, Congress arangement, attention to VIP guests etc.

The Board of Directors of AETF would like to express sincere gratitude to the organizers of the Championships Master Slavko Jereb and Master Hasan Ibric for the excellent organization of the event in all levels and for putting emphasis in all details.

FInal overall medal classification:

1.Romania - 13 Gold, 7 Silver, 16 Bronze;

2.Norway - 8 Gold, 4 Silver, 16 Bronze;

3.Poland - 7 Gold, 16 Silver, 15 Bronze.